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10 Aug 14

Oh, what a night, blogspot readers! It usually doesn't happen like this on a Sunday night either ..but it did at Lakeview's Elbo Room! And you missed it, tough luck because it probably won't happen again...
What you missed, blogspot readers, was an eclectic array of music genres performed on one stage by 5 completely different bands. This reviewer as well as those who came out to jump start their work week with a rockin' bang were the lucky ones to hear hardcore Latin punk and post punk rock ...sultry yet jazzy blues rock from Arizona and smokin' hot roots rock from Texas with some crazed-out mix of ska punk rock. SouthSide highly recommends checking out the following local bands Mandatory Abortions, Service Industry and The Atrocities as well as visiting bands Sister Lip and Somebody's Darling at their next performance.
Opening the lineup was the female-fronted trio (minus the guy on the drums in the back) - Mandatory Abortions, blogspot readers. And let's just say, SouthSide was taken aback by Vik's hardcore screamo vocal talents. It was seriously intense besides being hardcore that she thinks Vik may have melted the mic during the band's set while rockin' the room amidst a thrash metal-punk edge sound. However, the stage presence didn't match such intensity which left this reviewer a little disappointed that the guitarists weren't heavily in tune with their own music. Not saying Mandatory Abortions performed a boring set. She was expecting at least a little excitement to compliment the music heard ...and to make their stage presence seem lively. Hopefully, they will at their next performance, blogspot readers, because these ladies (and the guy in the back on drums ...can't forget about him) can rock your faces off! The harder the music and intensity rose the harder they had the audience head banging along and/or having a brief mosh moment with the band. Oh yes feel that scream voice (whether it was in Spanish or English) rip through your ears while the gritty guitars intensifies your head into a thrashing whip action and the thundering crash of the drums drive you insane., blogspot readers. Nothing like snagging a demo CD from the band and almost scaring the neighbors a little again. Check out songs "Nothing To Fuck With" (Vik and the band truly mean that in the nicest way) and "Trust No One" ...plus "Tacos Y Cerviza" and "Seeds of Terror" (not on the demo but done live). For more information about Mandatory Abortions, check them out at http://www.reverbnation.com/mandatoryabortionschicago.com.

After that hardcore start, this reviewer was ready for more from Edgewater's own Service Industry (http://www.facebook.com/serviceindustrychicago). Fronted by Matthew, this is another trio band that needed something to help balance its strong electric guitar rock side - a bass player. Just to help add some rhythm and music floetry to reach its core sound of post-punk since it sounded more like (to SouthSide's ears) 80s Brit R&B/soul due to Matthew's voice style. The music could have been post punk during Service's performance yet throughout all she could see and hear was a bit of the British band ABC when they hit the airwaves back in the early 80s (Look of Love Part 1). This is why they need a bassist, blogspot readers. With a bass player, in SouthSide's opinion, it would bring out that post punk edge they seek and steer them away from having too much of the soulful R&B sound. Again, not saying it's a bad thing to have that soul but most post punk bands this reviewer has seen and reviewed don't "do" soul. Still Service Industry did rock out an awesome set on the Elbo Room stage jamming to songs like "Studio Apartment Romance" and "Edgewater Fight Song" before really rocking out to  "Apothecary" in which Matthew's voice didn't have an ounce of soul but more of a punker's hard tone.


Now, here's where a little (sister) soul was definitely present during this next band's performance to which had many feeling wet in their jeans when they were finished. Sister Lip (from Mesa/Tempe, Arizona)had the type of music dynamic that could do one of few things ...get sexy, feisty  and/or intense all at the same while amidst a cloud of blues rock with a sultry splash of  jazz. Oh yeah, these ladies certainly turned up the heat tonight for this Elbo Room audience, blogspot readers. Front by Cassidy (on guitar and vocals), Sister Lip not only used their "sexuality" to their performance advantage but also knew how to effectively use it while performing on stage ...and it wasn't solely contained to the stage presence. You definitely will feel (and hear) that "sexuality" throughout their music as well as vocal harmonies leaving you a little dirty and moist than when you first entered the venue. Luckily, blogspot readers, the band does sell Sister Lip panties just in case you need a fresh pair after their set. Not giving too much away about their stunning performance that wowed and wooed this audience but it was one of the best seen so far by a touring band. It was more than hot ...it had all the right combinations to make it steamy ...enjoyable ...fun as well as intense to which left many wanting more from these ladies. SouthSide hopes Sister Lip considers returning to Chicago for another performance but in the meantime, check out http://www.sisterlip.com. However, this reviewer recommends catching this act live up close and personal. And she guarantees you will be moist when Sister Lip is finished with you, blogspot readers.

Also on tour from Dallas, Texas was the rockin' contemporary roots band - Somebody's Darling ...and yes, blogspot readers, they were most definitely another hot band she recommends checking out. Fronted by Amber (on vocals and guitar), this Texan act had the main lounge vibin' with lively toe-tappin' music featured in songs like "Keep This Up" and "Cold Hands" throughout especially when frontwoman Amber lays on the emotions heavily thick upon the lyrics. She had a certain way of making her voice get emotionally deep (almost raspy) while keeping a soulful sound to melt your heart. In some sort of way, SouthSide saw this dynamically energetic vocalist embodying the spirit and essence of the late great Janis Joplin but she wouldn't dare fully dare compare her. Still, Somebody's Darling knew how to thrill the audience with plenty of guitar shredding throughout the instrumental bridges designed for you to immerse the senses with each gritty chord ...notes never meant to be rushed, blogspot readers. Theses Texans may have harnessed the look, feel and sound of a 70s roots rock band but it was all modern with their intense guitar sound and melodic keyboard rhythms that will keep you rockin' along with them til the very end. SouthSide hopes Somebody's Darling makes a return trip back to Chicago for another rockin' performance but in the meantime, you can find them at http://www.somebodysdarling.com. What a blast they were!

Question: what do you get when mixing ska with punk rock? Well, you definitely get this local band who closed out tonight's rockin' lineup at Elbo Room. And here's where it totally went from intense to crazily insane with The Atrocities, blogspot readers. It felt like an out of control rollercoaster ride with this band due to the fact you never knew where the trio were going to musically take you. Plenty of surprises around each turn besides getting the best from two music genres within one wild performance. The Atrocities the one minute could take your ears into the baddest hardcore punk rock this reviewer has ever heard and then the next mellow you out with their rhythmic ska ...or shockingly blast you with both at the same time. Somewhere in that volatile mix, blogspot readers, you may even hear some hip hop too. Also, SouthSide definitely recommends bringing a pair of earplugs or suffer what this reviewer is still experiencing - a bit of ringing. The Atrocities plays loud and will blast your pants off doing so. The main lounge was literally vibrating and shaking til the very last note had died. They were rockin' so hard that guitarist Shnickwon was having some trouble with his guitar strap ...yet that's what happens you're performing hardcore on stage for the late night audience. Want to hear more? SouthSide suggests checking out The Atrocities on their Facebook page to find where they'll be later this month in Texas.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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