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08 Aug 14 - Back To School Kids Fair

"Back to School" - the three most dreaded words uttered as summer breaks draws to an end that makes kids groan and parents jump for joy, blogspot readers. And though, the start of school is less than four weeks away, it's time for SouthSide and her 7th grader to tackle the list of supplies needed to make this year successful. So, they got up early to attend the annual Back To School Kids Fair at the grounds of local television studios - WGN.

 the 7th grader


This free event, blogspot readers, is more than helping kids prepare for the upcoming school year with supplies and backpacks. There's also free medical, vision and dental screenings ...haircuts and styles (done by Hair Cuttery) show, fun and games, food sampling and more. There were mascots from the local sports teams (missed seeing Southpaw of The Chicago White Sox) to cheer the kids to a victorious school year, petting zoo and animals from Brookfield Zoo, knights from Medieval Times battling, amazing feats of wonder by Cirque Shanghai Warriors, expert tumbling and more by the famous Jesse White Tumblers and twirling drills by the legendary South Shore Drill team. Plus it's a chance to see and meet your favorite WGN Morning News anchors (sadly, SouthSide missed seeing Marcus LeShock while there) to which this reviewer noticed entertainment reporter Dean Richards has a posse ...some who mistaken him for weatherman Tom Skilling.

 4a Morning News weatherman Demetrius Ivory

 Entertainment reporter Dean Richards

Through generous donations from local companies and corporations like Abt Electronics, Quill, Jewel/Osco, Chicago Department of Health and many more, kids were able to receive free supplies as well as immunizations, vision and dental checkups during the fair. In addition, there were helpful and handy tips provided by the American Red Cross and food allergy information (which included samples of vegan cookies and lentil chips). And for those of us who aren't custom to rising so early in the morning, free samples of iced coffee and sweet tea (provided by Dunkin' Donuts), water, Pepsi products and watermelon water ...yummy tamales and beef hot dogs (by Moo and Oink) were available, blogspot readers.

Moo & Oink

  SouthSide with Skates of Chicago Wolves
  the knights of Medieval Times
Overall, it was an exciting, fun-filled morning...

  Where's Robin? Shouldn't she be "wobblin" with them too?

  wallaby in the cage


Until next time, support your local scene,

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