Friday, August 1, 2014

27 Jul 14 - Kate Tucker & Sons of Sweden

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide ends her long weekend with a rockin' blast at Lakeview's Elbo Room again to jam with touring artist Kate Tucker along with her band, Sons of Sweden (from Nashville, TN)! And to help create this awesome eclectic lineup of music for the audience tonight were Collegiate Shag Brass Band (, locals Soft Static and Hey Einstein making their debut. This reviewer highly recommends checking out the all brass rhythm section by this hot rockin' band from Columbia, MO (top photo) in which had the audience feeling the hip, jive, and more as they opened the night with a lively jam session. Performing a mix of originals like "Something Special" and brassy covers full of funk and soul like Fats Domino's "Kansas City" that had the group moving to the beat. Meanwhile, the duo Soft Static (bottom photo) featured an eclectic performance of hardcore guitar rock meets Led Zeppelin and Elvis Costello (solely on the vocals), blogspot readers. Quite strange of mixed genres yet for this local band it really works for them though leaning (sometimes towards the punk sound) but there's one thing SouthSide noticed - the duo did a bassist to balance the hardcore music. She recommends checking out "Eye of Horse" for that thundering gallop sound of wild horses off the electric guitar during the intro and the band's heavy blues rock song "40 Days 40 Nights".
If this next band sounds a little like The Cranberries, it wouldn't be an insult, blogspot readers. But just don't compare them to the 90s pop alternative band since the two are completely different from the other. This reviewer highly recommends check out dynamic powerhouse Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden that absolutely rocked the main stage at Elbo Room while they are currently on tour. She immediately liked how Kate's vocals (whether playing the guitar or not) pumped a powerful force of heartfelt yet dramatic tone on lyrics especially during songs like "Ghost" and "Hangover".  It wasn't how she sang the words, blogspot readers. It was how she emotionally as well as expressively (via the use of body language) conveyed the tone and mood of each song the band performed which knocked SouthSide off her feet. For instance, take "Big Idea" (off the band's new album - The Shape The Color The Feel) where Kate (sans the guitar) wowed the audience with powerful blasts of her vocals and bodily expressiveness on lyrics. Oh, SouthSide mustn't forget how The Sons of Sweden cranked up the rock sound to fully compliment this moment on stage. Both band and vocalist where truly putting it out there ...exciting those in the audience even while immersing them into the emotional dynamics of this particular song., blogspot readers. It was a tough act to follow as they closed the night with another hot tune "Blue Hotel" which ended quickly as soon as it began. More importantly, Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden (though having more than enough time for two more songs) departed from the stage leaving the audience hungry for more. Overall, it was an intense rock show to which this reviewer hopes they return again for round two. For more information and where they will be performing next, visit
Until next time, support your local scene,
Collegiate Shag Brass Band

Soft Static

Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden


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