Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So Long 2009!

Well, blogspot readers, what an exciting 2009 it has been! SouthSide's sad to see it leave so soon. Time certainly does fly by when you having rockin' fun like this reviewer did all year. Believe it or not - 2009 was a record breaking year - over hundred show/music-related events were attended on her busy calendar. Actually the final count was 106 as December 26 (see review posted below). Local bands as well as touring acts kept her running from venue to venue up to four nights a week. Lots of great music was out there and she wishes she could have covered more. Still, this reviewer enjoyed each and every memorable moment. And there were plenty. From I AM Fest (in June) to the after Lolla concerts and everything else in between, she was out there supporting the music scene. It's thriving as she continues to discover new bands/artists during her wild adventures around town. So expect to see more of SouthSide in 2010 - already her January calendar is booked! However before the old year fades into history, she wishes to end her final review with a fond look back at the Best of 2009.

Band(s) of the Year:

Well, that's a given. This honor is reserved for a special group of people ...the hardworking D.I.Y. (Do It Yourselfers) that rocked the stages around town. From the Elbo Room to Cubby Bear to Reggie's to Fitzgerald's and anywhere else that has live local shows - this salute is to you. Yes, dear band friends, SouthSide applauds your tireless efforts in keeping the music scene alive and well. You've lit up the stages with awesome rockin' music. Though there were some off nights, you still gave it your all for the diehard fans in the audience. Broken guitar strings, busted amps, bloodied fingers, and blown fuses (just to name a few of the minor technical difficulties seen) did not stop you from rocking out the crowd.

And speaking of fans - SouthSide has a special salute to you for all of your efforts being the band's most important factor for their success. Without your love and support, they wouldn't be rocking the stage like they do. Even during these tough economic times, you're still there in the audience. So keep on supporting your favorite band in 2010!

Gone but DEFINITELY Not Forgotten:

SouthSide had wonderful memories with most of the bands before taking their final bows off the stage. Though they're not rockin' the scene anymore, she'll never forgot them or the music they wowed her ears.


Tonight The Prom

Yardstick Civilization ( now known as Dead Drunk Judge )

A Birdsong Valentine


Reverie ( now known as Model Stranger )


Simplistic Urge (now known as Til Death )

Red Line District

Killing Karma ( now known as Trainwreck Symphony )

Thank you ...and thank you...

SouthSide would like to extend a HUGE "thank you" to the following venues for another wonderful year of live music.

Elbo Room, Double Door, Abbey Pub, Miska's Bar, Beat Kitchen, Bird's Nest, The Exit, Bottom Lounge, Cobra Lounge, Metro, The Rockbox, Congress Theatre, Goose Island Brew Pub, Cubby Bear, Reggie's, House of Blues, Silvie's, Kinetic Playground, Viaduct Theatre, Subterranean, Darkroom, Horseshoe Lounge, Lilly's, Park West, Wise Fool's Pub, Underground Lounge, LaSalle Power Co, Martyrs', Ronny's Schubas, Mutiny, Portage Theatre, Red Line Tap, Morseland, Smart Bar, US Beer Company, Tonic Room, Walter Payton's Roundhouse (in Aurora), Quenchers, Hideout, Empty Bottle, Nite Cap.

As you see - this list barely taps the iceberg of the MANY venues around town that host nightly live music. Most of the names mentioned are places SouthSide has visited in her travels.

And another HUGE "thank you" to all my blogspot readers. Hope you enjoyed reading SouthSide's adventures around town ...well, stay tuned to this blog page - 2010 looks to be another wild rockin' year.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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