Friday, December 18, 2009

18 Dec 09

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's covering two shows in one snowy night. At the Bird's Nest, she was invited to meet and hear an acoustic performance by Joe Taylor. Afterwards, it''s off to the Elbo Room for more fun and music with the headliner, Kazy. However, first, this reviewer would like everyone to meet an extraordinary singer/songwriter from New York.

Joe Taylor is.... Well, according to him, one man on a mission to bring back the oldies to the music scene. He describes his style as having a classic pop sound which one can compare to Don Henley, Steve Perry and Journey. Mostly power ballads are the core base of his music yet there are times when he take on the role as philosopher or observer of world events happening around him. Joe says some of which he would keep tabs on while the rest he wishes to forget. Personally, this reviewer found him to be very warm, friendly as well as open when discussing his music with her.

Joe's music reflects a retro flavor from some of his influences like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. However listen very closely and you just might hear a familiar Journey tune hidden inside a guitar riff or two. This might give the impression he's either not independent enough but too commercial for the indie scene or vice versa. His music cannot even get labeled as raunchy. That doesn't bother this singer/songwriter at all. It seems Joe's quite comfortable staying in the middle of this music spectrum. That being said, this artist would critique his songs as inspirational the listener hope and enthusiasm to wipe the slate clean.

SouthSide suggests listening to his Canadian chart topping hit, Sweetest Tune. The retro acoustic song nicely complimented that Journey-like vocals off the lyrics. Meanwhile, Tears In Your Eyes brought out the touch of Don Henley in the narrative songwriting tone in the song. The audience did get to hear that inspirational side to this artist when performing New Day Is Come. It totally gave this reviewer hope in which she had to stop writing for a moment and savor the intense passion in his voice.

Plenty of enthusiasm could be found in Joe's new song, All Around The World, however one could feel the cry for help from a desperate man in Save Me (both songs off his current CD - Save Me). We were advised to Smile even the outlook in life goes suddenly downhill. This reviewer found this song to be very reassuring given the current status of the times and highly suggests listening to it when you need that instant pick me of cheer. The highlight of his performance came while performing to classic as well as popular Journey songs, Lights and Don't Stop Believin'. Both covers had some in the audience singing along with Joe.

It was an spectacular acoustic show and if you're in the New York area, SouthSide highly recommends attending his next performance. Don't despair, Chicago fans, Joe Taylor regularly visits our fair city twice a year do expect him to return again in 2010. He's currently planning a bigger tour which will consist of a 40 - 50 city blitz to start in some time May or June. Fans of iTunes can find his songs, Save Me and All Around The World, currently available for purchase. Also, this reviewer highly recommends snagging a copy of his CD, Save Me - a worthy addition to anyone's collection.

Lastly, Joe revealed his holiday wish for 2009 - to have a relaxing Christmas at home. And this reviewer wishes him and his family a wonderful holiday season.

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