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30 Nov 09

...cociane is for rich people... - Division and Honore

Warning: parts of this review might offend some readers due to the sexual reference and content

Hey, blogspot readers, the moon's full and there's more than lycans and vampires roaming the street tonight in Chicago. SouthSide found zaniness and looniness running amuck at the Elbo Room. The lineup featured an interesting combination of music, funnies and adult content that would make your knickers blush red. Fans had plenty of laughs and rockin' fun from performances by Division and Honore, Your Little Ponies, and Strange Ranger.

Billed as the Nineth Wonder of the World, this one-man show had the audience laughing in stitches to his whimsical song titles and comedic flare. Division and Honore's no stranger to SouthSide review notes. She has met this funny, satirical comedian/musician on a hot summer night at Silvie's a couple of years ago. Now back at the Elbo Room, this performance featured danceable funky beats and humorous lyrics which sometimes poked fun at himself. For example, the set opened with him rapping historical facts about William Howard Taft, the 27th U.S. President. Then he informed us about truth, justice and the American way in Law and Order. Yes, he even turned that signature Law & Order gavel sound fx into a haunting beat. SouthSide cannot wait for his satirical rap about President Obama if he should ever do one some day. During Division's shows, audience participation is a must if you want to join in the fun. Don't worry if you don't know the words to his songs ...he does post some of the lyrics on a video screen for you. This reviewer enjoyed watching the random images (mostly of himself) from Rocky III (though not really a big Rocky fan like him) and Golden Girls (which was used as his finale song). She recommends checking out his song, El Matador. Besides having a funky James Bond 007 movie theme feel at the beginning, fans liked the lively trumpet rhythms turning the song into a modern jazz/latin melody. There were plenty of laughs during one song about being a male receptionist (are there really male receptionists out there?) with its 80s hardcore hair-guitar rock sound. SouthSide highly suggests attending this local funnyman's next show. For more information about Division and Honore, visit him at www.dadclassic.com or www.myspace.com/divisionandhonore.

This next band should come with its own warning label for explicit behavior and language before, during and after the show. It's merely a nice compliment when SouthSide bills Your Little Ponies as the Raunchiest Band in the local scene. She has met other in her many adventures however none has compared to this band and its performances. Now this reviewer must warn you, blogspot readers, that their lyrics can be rude and quite crude ...sometimes very offensive to the ears. Think being stuck in the male locker room listening in what men gossip about their one-night stands. That description clearly states what YLP's all about. New listeners to their rock alternative music quickly learn they don't hold anything back when it comes to subject matter. Nothing's taboo with these guys ...sex's not a dirty word to them either. For example, some might find their usuage of the F-word during the F-Bomb song to be a bit too much on the ears. Or listening to One Finger might make some prudish Janes blush hard from embarassment. Just watching them perform on stage and you might get the feeling sex and other subjects like self-mastrubation was all they sing about. And you would be partly correct. Though most of their lyrics are sexually suggestive and explicit, it's guaranteed you'll be laughing than blushing over the content. YLP simply reveal what we try to hide from the rest of the world ....showing that all of us deep inside are horny as a toad, love being naughty in the sack, and enjoy a good lip smackin' cream wiches (listen to their Vagina Sandwich song to get the hint). Just for the record, SouthSide's a "good" girl. Besides the filthy talk about sex and other things in between, the band also provided a couple of psa's for the audience to follow. They reminded everyone to beware of vampires roaming the Lakeview neighborhood to staying late (at the show) if you want to get laid. Well, actually that's a true statement to live by, blogspot readers. Whew *fans self* ...all this naughty bedroom talk has made SouthSide hot again. If you want to join in the naughtiness about sex and other taboo things, she highly suggests checking out Your Little Ponies. It'll be orgasmic fun for your ears. For more information, visit them at www.yourlittleponies.com or www.myspace.com/yourlittleponies.

Closing out this lineup of zany comedic performances was a lively set by Strange Ranger. Known as the party squad, this group of talented musicians used percussion rhythms, pre-recorded beats and random images (i.e. scenes from They Live and original Star Trek series) for their show. SouthSide enjoyed the weird but funny combination in which both music and pictures had on the senses. Yet there times when the images had a hypnotic effect on the eyes during certain songs like Jose Canseco. It'll be hard to describe what zany antics that occurred on stage without spoiling a few surprises here and there by Ranger. So it's highly suggested, blogspot readers, that you see this fun group yourselves. SouthSide does recommend listening to their Gregorian chant-like mantra titled Jose Canseco. Think of obsessed baseball fan when hearing the creepy three-part harmony repeating this famous ball player's name. Or check out Ranger's new song, Fez, in which the trio dons the fez hats and pretend to be driving in their Shriner's mini cars. It would have worked better if they did have a mini car to drive around the basement lounge. SouthSide enjoyed the Spanish ditty called Golden Sombero that had a sultry Latin rhythm to get your hips swaying to the music. The guys did provide plenty of sexiness to the stage when they performed a Give Me a Dollar stripper show to Prince-like music. *fans self again* Yes, it was that hot again as Ranger pranced and danced begging for that dollar ...they even promised to undress you for only a dollar. SouthSide might take them up on that offer next time. Ending the night with Booty Hump, do expect mad insanity to ensue when hearing the Benny Hill theme song during the middle of the song. It's a madhouse ...a madhouse of wild antics all over the lounge! Hey, no pinching SouthSide's booty either! For more information, visit Strange Ranger at www.myspace.com/5trangeranger.

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