Monday, December 7, 2009

3 Dec 09

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's trapped behind enemy lines. However don't fret, she's among old friends. Tonight's adventure took her behind the famous Wrigley Field bleachers to a popular bar appropriately named Murphy's Bleachers. This quaint neighborhood spot was holding its weekly open mic session in which good friend, Nate (of Bona Verba) was the opening act.

SouthSide has always enjoyed his performances whether it's an intimate acoustic setting or with the entire band. Yet, this reviewer found herself likeing this set better. He performed his with lots of passion and soul ...and this is where his vocals truly shine as a singer/songwriter. He wowed the audience with various styles of guitar rhythms that sometimes crossed genres or gradually merged from one into another within the same song. For example, Nate's opening song, April Fifth, had a trippy psychedelic intro while the second one had a metal guitar rock sound. There was a moment when we heard a touch of grunge which was full as angst and frustration. SouthSide liked Nate's alternative sound in Amy Ireland consisting of rhythms weaved in and out within different melodies.

Sadly this was way too short for this reviewer and audience. It was merely a sample of Nate's music and vocal performance though it wasn't your typical acoustic setting since it had more of an electric sound. The audience not only heard the passion in the vocals but also off the guitar. At times, this reviewer found herself lost in the music thand the lyrics savoring the rhythmic waves ...never hearing the same notes twice. SouthSide highly suggests getting to know this artist whether as a solo performer or with the band, Bona Verba. For more information, visit Nate at or

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