Friday, December 18, 2009

18 Dec 09 - part 2

...please pray for me... ~ Kazy

Wow, what an acoustic performance by Joe Taylor at the Bird's Nest. Now it was time for SouthSide to head towards the Elbo Room for more rockin' holiday fun and music. This venue was already in full party swing, blogspot readers, upstairs and downstairs. The upstairs lounge crowd was enjoying a lively jam session by Tim Strother and his band. SouthSide immediately got hooked onto their toe-tappin' jive and mojo rhythm. She highly suggests checking out this band in 2010 when they're rockin' The Intersection (Jan 2 in Grand Rapids) and Moch N Music (Jan 5 in Hudsonville) in Michigan. Hopefully, Tim and the guys will make another Chicago appearance in 2010 for a full review. In the meantime, check out Tim Strother at for more music and information.

Downstairs, there was more swingin' mojo music happening. The crowd was rockin' to performances by Lovesick Radio and Thunderunderus. SouthSide highly suggests getting your mojo vibe going with The Dirty Vibe. This reviewer enjoyed their holiday twist to God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen as a rockin' intro to their set. It was one lively performance full of hardcore rhythms and energetic vibes flowin' around the basement lounge. Thunderous openings, wicked instrumentals and sultry femme fatale vocals will get your blood pumpin'. SouthSide highly suggests checking out songs Immortal Bitch and Damned. Also get into the groove with their Jam Like a Reindeer (cleverly renamed from Jam Like a Raven for the holiday spirit). For more information, visit The Dirty Vibe at

The first thing fans will notice about Kazy is the unique array of instruments lining the stage. Though having a standard setup (guitars and drums), this band added an element of electro violin to their hardcore sound. SouthSide found this be very interesting along with the zombified makeup and foggy atmosphere ...very dark and spooky, blogspot readers. This reviewer was instantly hooked. Haunting whispered vocals and bursts of screamin' angst and energy vibin' off the guitars ensnared the audience into Kazy's dark world. And it was great seeing Oscar (formerly of A Birdsong Valentine) doing some vocal duties too.

Yet it was the electro sounds off the violin which gave this band its uniqueness in the dark realms of rock. Sometimes that violin was the hidden fourth guitar meant to be rarely heard in certain songs. Meanwhile in others, its presence was definitely known. Also there were a lot of tumbling chords creating that dark tone for the crowd. It was so menacing with its creepy imagery in the lyrics and guitar sound that SouthSide was totally loving her first time inside Kazy's music.

This reviewer highly suggests immersing yourself into their song, Blown (track five off their CD, Undeniable) for its hardcore guitar riffs crashing in your ears. And that, blogspot readers, is a wondrous thing to behold as each pulsin' ounce vibrates continuously of sound. Hear it ...definitely feel it oozing while the chords rise and fall behind vocal angst in the lyrics. So much to handle in one song ...and yet you'll be wanting more. Mask will totally bring out that inner metalhead demon hidden inside you meanwhile beware of Lycans (wolves) roaming during Wolf. SouthSide heard a bit of Rage Against The Machine during Kazy's Hooks which literally lit the stage on fire. This band even turned one of her favorite INXS songs (Need You Tonight) into something more haunting yet sexier than its original production.

Want more Kazy? Fans should check out the video for Choke (the live version of this song had this reviewer meditiating for a moment to savor the solid rock sound pulsin' inside her head) on YouTube or on its Myspace and official sites. A new video for song, Pitch Black, is due out soon however in the meantime, snag a copy of Kazy's CD, Undeniable for your collection. SouthSide highly suggests checking out Kazy in 2010 - a wonderfully, energetic portrayal of the dark and macabre side to rock.

For more information, visit Kazy at or

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