Tuesday, December 22, 2009

19 Dec 09

Happy Holidays, blogspot readers! It has been a fun three-night adventure around town. Before taking a restful Christmas break, SouthSide's hanging out at the Tonic Room in Lincoln Park. Tonight's lineup featured an intimate acoustic performance by Adam Percy. This reviewer, however, was saddened to learn that Facing Winter had to cancel. She hopes to review this band during the new year but in the meantime, visit www.facingwinter.com or www.myspace.com/facingwinter for music and information.

This singer/songwriter has the heart of a romantic and the soul of a poet. Such a delightful combination created an intimate atmosphere for Adam Percy's set. Acoustic fans will enjoy the narrative lyrics presented in his songs behind the gentle guitar rhythms. SouthSide liked the intense falsetto during certain songs as well as the soft vocal tone for emphasis to express tender emotion. Listen very closely and one can hear his honest feelings speaking vividly through his lyrics. It's a known secret that many guitarists aren't able to say what they feel unless it's written in a song. Hallmark cards have nothing on what truly comes from the heart of a musician. For example, check out Adam's song, Lindsey - a heartwarming song about not having the nerve to say "hi" to someone he had a crush on. It was as if he was singing to this one person instead of an audience of friends. And when he's now wooing the heart, notice the vocal range change to more of a pop/alternative tone. There's also a livelier groove and energy in his acoustic riffs. For example, listen to Talkin' About - a toe-tappin' rhythmic alternative beat.

The audience, mostly consisting of first timers like SouthSide to his performance, were captivated by his vocals and music. At times, there was a hush sound befalling throughout the venue ...not even a whisper could be heard. When Adam closed with the song, Hallelujah - what an amazing sight to witness. The audience was instantly enraptured by his soft vocals tenderly singing the lyrics mixed with a couple of verses of O Holy Night in the middle. It was an awe inspiring ...soulful and probably not a dry eye in the house either, blogspot readers.

Want to hear more of Adam Percy? Check his song, Anyway (and his others) will be available for download off iTunes in January. Also in January, SouthSide highly suggests seeing this singer/songwriter when he brings his acoustic performance to the Elbo Room.

For more information, visit Adam Percy at www.myspace.com/adampercymusic.

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