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02 Jan 10

...remember, the revolution begins with you... ~ Diagram Of Truth

Happy new decade, blogspot readers!

SouthSide kicked off 2010 with a rockin' bang! All it took was a trip to the famous Double Door for one of many free Rock-n-Roll Bailout shows scheduled this month. Dubbed as Holiday Hangover, tonight's show was sponsored by Window Licker Records ( It featured and eclectic lineup of music from such local bands like Oui Si Only You, Without A Breath, Diagram Of Truth and Starter Kit. Albino Spiders (from Des Moines, Iowa) also made an appearnace on stage. Fans were treated to special burlesque acts by Siren Jynx and Donna Touch between sets. What a way to really heat up this venue on a frosty Saturday night.

This lively duo kicked off the night with a mix of lyrical verse and pre-recorded rhythms. Diagram Of Truth's songs filled the Double Door about social consciousness as well as their favorite things. SouthSide especially enjoyed one about world news and genocide happening in Africa. She recommends listening to Left Handedness (what you do with your left hand without your right knowing) and What It Was (the monster ballad of the night). This particular song's slower tempo gave it a haunting rhythm which brought out the vocal angst. Meanwhile, Focus was a happier motivational song to inspire all to seek out the good and not the bad. That should be the motto for this new decade, blogspot readers. This reviewer highly recommends hearing the spoken truth and social activism by Diagram Of Truth at their next performance. For more information, visit this duo at or

Members of Chester and Riot Inside were in attendance tonight to witness another extraordinary set by Oui Si Only You. This local band impressed SouthSide last year with its unique mix of experimental/psychedelic guitar sound and lyrical Emcee. Their musical combination took the audience on a journey through the mind of one who's frustrated ...or fed up with life, love and even society. Basically, it's Oui Si's venting what we wish to say when reaching that critical breaking point in our lives. In this reviwer's opinion, it's good to feel angry especially within this type of music. For example, check out her favorite song, New Clear Beauty (also found on her Reverbnation playlist). Besides hearing guitar rhythms which sometimes does not exist, one can also feel the angst dripping from the lyrics. At times, both music and words cross and intertwine at unlimitedless boundaries connecting fans of other genres together. Another good example was Shadow Ride in which the mood and tempo went down a notch. Still this song retained plenty of fiery angst to light up the stage. Despite feeling Ben (Oui Si's energetic front man on vocals) was holding back on the anger, he truly gave a tiny sample during Open Wide. This song (about the media's usage in glorifying school shootings) had everyone blown away by his frustration and freestyle dancing. SouthSide highly recommends going to the Excalibur in the River North area on Jan 27 to see Oui Si Only You rockin' the stage. For more information, visit the guys at

SouthSide had mixed feelings while observing this band's performance. To her, Albino Spiders had an eclectic approach to their music that they sounded pop/hardcore/screamo at the same time. Somehow the high falsettos between the vocals (during the chorus) were too soft to be heard and the screamin' angst at the wrong moments within songs had SouthSide scratching her head. Since the vocals bemuddled this band's core rock base, she found it difficult to comprehend what type of music Albino was presenting to its Chicago audience. She did, however, enjoy the rockin' guitar rhythms and energy but that wasn't enough to save the lull noticably seen amongst the venue. Honestly, blogspot readers, this reviewer suggests to Albino that they re-think either its rock sound to match the vocals or vice versa. Soft vocal pitches does not work well when the music is bit more hardcore off the guitars. Also the screamin' angst throws off the pop sound. Sad to say, SouthSide really cannot suggest this band but that doesn't mean you shouldn't check them out. For more information, visit Albino Spiders at

Rounding out the Holiday Hangover lineup were performances by Without A Breath and Starter Kit. This reviewer suggests checking out both rockin' bands during 2010 and beyond. Though using a keyboard for its rhythms in certain song intros, the hardcore guitar sound was what fueled this band's energy. SouthSide liked Without's tumbling riffs and exciting momentum put into each song. Also you could clearly hear the angst in the vocals without resorting to high fake falsettos then turning into lowered pitches. SouthSide suggests listening to Without's Obvious for its energetic intro which had her feeling the pulsating guitar rhythm. Plenty of instrumentals that one can savor the riffs while banging their head to the music. Also check out, Wake Up and Paranoid. Though the guitars were great, this reviewer would like to hear and see more of the keyboard incorporated more into their songs. A little experimentation doesn't hurt to see where such rhythms and sounds could possibly take Without's music. For more information, visit Without A Breath at or

Meanwhile Starter Kit had a louder and harder rock sound that had the audience movin' to the beat. Plenty of guitar rock with some screamin' angst in the mix added more energy to the stage. This band has certainly come a long way since first meeting them at the Beat Kitchen. This reviewer suggests listening to Starter's Little Lies (off their new CD). This song not only sparked band momentum on stage but off stage as well. The first few chords had the audience going wild while dancing to the music. Be careful, blogspot readers, it did cause some minor fan moshing near the middle amongst the audience. Also SouthSide liked their song, Resurrection Mary (perhaps based on the local ghost legend). The guitars created haunting rhythms that set the mood but fooled this reviewer into thinking each was off key. Not truly the case. If you listen very closely (before reaching the chorus), the guitars are in fact harmonizing yet on different chords. For more information about this band, visit them at or

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