Thursday, January 7, 2010

06 Jan 10

SouthSide wishes to express her apologies to the following bands for the delay of posting this review.

...the party people are here on a Wednesday... - Whiskey Sin

Hey, blogspot readers, Wednesday was party night for SouthSide! She was ready to rock with fans at another Rock-n-Roll Bailout show at the Double Door. This free show featured exciting performances by Whiskey Sin and Riot Inside. Though arriving a little late, this reviewer did catch the last few minutes of Ziolo's set. SouthSide enjoyed the experimental sound off the guitars and highly suggests checking out this band.

SouthSide was completely blown away by this band's hard hitting guitar riffs and energetic rock sound. Whiskey Sin's performance literally set the stage on fire with excitement. Tony T's (Whiskey's vibrant front man on vocals) rough yet raw voice of angst vividly set the tone and mood for each song performed. The thunderous tempo each time did get the audience movin' to the rockin' beat. And that was merely Whiskey's opening song, Nothing Desired, blogspot readers. SouthSide enjoyed the feel of the rising crescendo off the guitars during the instrumental. Then it crashed with a heavy explosion of music - very hard and loud. Just the way SouthSide likes her hardcore rock sound. Even this band's cover song was perfomed with this much gusto and enthusiasm. Sometimes it had the audience waiting on bated breath between dramatic pauses in the lyrics. A nice way to set up that explosive rock sound emphasis happening in Bother. To SouthSide, it wasn't a matter of hearing Whiskey's rock performance but also feeling it as well. This was raw sound pulsating through the monitors ...the kind which kept this reviewer excited for more. SouthSide also suggests listening to Whiskey's Lounge Puppet and Borrowed Time. For more information about this band, visit or

They're ultra cool, uber sexy and have been known to cause a riot wherever they go. Yes, blogspot readers, Riot Inside once agan rocked out the lineup with a bang of energetic rock sound. It's quite true that this reviewer has seen them numerous times before. However each show's never like the one previously performed. Something new is always added which keeps bringing her as well as fans back for more. And Riot does leave you wanting more of them and their music - time to start planning on encores, Riot! To say Riot wowed tonight's audience would be a gross understatement. Fans were totally amazed by Gary's (Riot's head honcho on vocals) charismatic vocals ...spellbound by the hard hitting guitar sound (and other surprises) and jammed to songs like Satisfy, Wicked Games and Follow Me. 2010 seems to be the happening year for Riot Inside. Starting January 10, the song Wicked Games is now available on iTunes for download. In March expect to see them rockin' the Metro or the new Lincoln Hall with A Friend Called Fire - details to come shortly. In June, they're planning to rock the SubT again and perhaps with another sellout crowd like the one in November 2009. For more information, visit Riot Inside at or

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