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23 Jan 10

...are you alive or dead... - Villain Vs Villain

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's back! Not even wearing a cast (due to a broken ankle) could keep this reviewer away. And she made the triumphant return to the local scene hanging out at the Double Door. The Saturday night crowd packed this famous venue for another free Rock-n-Roll Bailout show. The lineup of electro/powerpop/rock featured great performances by Heartset Self Destruct, Villain Vs Villain, Meqqa and The Assembly. For more information about other free shows happening soon, visit www.doubledoor.com.

After witnessing this hot opening performance, Heartset Self Destruct have finally arrived into the rock band they're meant to be! And this is SouthSide's honest opinion, blogspot readers. Their Double Door set was moodier and darker than when she first met them during MOB Fest 06. There's a definite sound which hardcore fans will enjoy. Plenty of guitar riffs and screamo angst to get you head banging to the music. This set was performed with so much gusto and fire that SouthSide saw them as the closer rather than the opener. Even while taking the energy down a notch for Tourniquet (off HSSD's first album), there was still enough rockin' tempo to keep the fan momentum going. SouthSide recommends listening to Flaw - one hot number full of smokin' guitar rhythms and screamo vocals. The fast tempo kept the audience feeling that energetic vibe until the end. This reviewer also recommends Skin and HSSD's closing song, Black Tattoo - explosions of guitar rock sound. A spectacular ending for one heck of a beginning by Heartset Self Destruct. For more information about this band and where they're rockin' the stage next, visit www.myspace.com/heartsetselfdestruct.

Who is Villain Vs Villain? Certainly not what SouthSide originally expected. This band from a former name (to be revealed at the end) had this reviewer totally fooled until their closing song gave them away. She found it funny to hear a Willie Nelson track introducing Villain's set before cuing their first song. This band prided itself with synth pop sound behind the hard guitar riffs. Plus there was plenty of energy which electro rock fans can sink their teeth into. Compared to listening to Villain's recorded tracks, SouthSide recommends seeing them live. It's the best way to experience the mindblowing music under the neon-glow of their stage lighting. Their King of the World was an ego trip of smokin' riffs and danceable rhythms. Though not ready for them to slow things down, Villain's ballad took on a dimension of its own which didn't sound like a rock ballad. It had the angst perfectly highlighting Peeler's (the band's front man) vocals. Yet the moment of the night had finally arrived for SouthSide when she heard her favorite songs, New Way to Die and Love Is Murder. Coincidentally, Love Is Murder, an old Royal tune, was the biggest surprise for this reviewer upon discovering who Villain Vs Villain truly was. She thoroughly enjoyed the new look and sound of this band but wished they had performed a longer set. For more information and where they're rockin' the stage next, visit www.villainvsvillain.com or www.myspace.com/villainvsvillain.

This next band took a more of a darker side to emo rock. However Meqqa's not quite where they should be within in this genre. Mind you, blogspot readers, it's not a bad criticism of their music. It mainly shows this band's constantly evolving (as well as experimenting) towards the direction they want to be. Right now, Meqqa's still in its infancy stage as a hardcore/emo band - and that's fine with this reviewer. She liked how they're working with Tiffany (the femme fatale)on vocals to compliment Johanna(the band's front man)and his moody vocals. Each on Saturday night balanced the othr like night and day. They're fun to watch building that duet chemistry while interacting on stage. Now the music you might expect it be hard and fast in tempo. Not exactly. There was energy in Meqqa's rock sound but somewhat mellower to allow the audience to soak in the dark ambience. SouthSide did more than hear the angst and rage off the guitar riffs ...she also felt it pulsating through the monitors. It was wonderful to feel that darker spectrum which can take you beyond that emo rock sound. This band may have a lot growing up to do before reaching their desired rock plateau but this reviewer recommends checking them out. For more information and where they're rockin' the stage next, visit www.myspace.com/meqqa.

Headlining tonight's lineup was a band that brought lots of electro/powerpop rock to the stage. The Assembly had this packed venue rockin' to the tripped out rhythms and guitar sound. With the synths (and programmed recording) performing there was a slight edge taken off the guitars. Thus turning Assembly's music into a club sound. For example listen to their song Optimization, blogspot readers. Be prepared to get movin' to the energized beat that the synths heavily provided. Other times, the powerpop sound took a brief break allowing the band's core guitar rock sound to lead. The synths (and piano) were still there but not as vivid than the previous songs. The Assembly did debut a new song, Never Let Me Down, which sounded a little edgier compared to the one before it. Both guitars and lower keyboard created a catchy rhtyhm - so wicked and hot. Definitely a hit for this band and with the crowd. For more information and where they're rockin' the stage next, visit www.theassemblyband.com or www.myspace.com/theassemblyband.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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