Sunday, December 21, 2014

14 Dec 14 - The Red Paintings

***SouthSide would like to extend her sincerest condolences to front man/guitarist Trash McSweeney and his family at this time of sorrow***

Tonight, it's live art and music ...actually alien geisha creative art with human canvases to be exact coming together amidst a revolution that won't be coming, blogspot readers.

SouthSide was extremely excited to see her friend The Red Paintings once again rockin' stage at Bottom Lounge along with New Year's Day and The Birthday Massacre as part of their You're One of Them US Tour.

Perforeming songs off the band's debut album The Revolution Is Never Coming, The Red Paintings opened the lineup with a rockin' alien bang with songs like "Dead Children", "Wasps" and "You're Not One of Them". However, fans who packed the venue were deeply saddened to learn of the recent passing of Trash's sister in which you could clearly see how this sudden tragedy was effecting the front man, blogspot readers. It was a tough call yet necessary to end the performance prematurely than expected. Still, it was a fantastic show featuring one of the best cover versions of "Mad World" from Donny Darko which was lovingly dedicated to his sister. It was her favorite song to dance with him and band on stage. What a hauntingly intense cover.

SouthSide was suppose to interview Trash after the show but out of respect she decided against it. She hopes The Red Paintings make a return appearance back to Chicago at a later time. This band always entertain with a unique art show and rock performance.

For more information about The Red Paintings, visit the band at


the finished painting of the night dedicated to Trash's sister

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