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13 Dec 14 - MiPi

"...No one likes being told what to do..." ~ Myrrick

Tonight, it's dark experimental rock ...sexual therapy and a workout at Chicago's Wrigleyville area. 

No, blogspot readers, it's not the latest music crazed rockin' SouthSide's night around town's part of the lineup that recently rocked Metro's iconic stage featuring live performances by MiPi and Workout Music along with Sex Therapy. 

To be honest, blogspot readers, this reviewer didn't know what to expect from a band known only as Music Illuminare Populus Ingenium or MiPi for short after accepting the invite to attend tonight's show. Perhaps if she had listened the band's music before attending their opening set at Metro, maybe she wouldn't have been surprised with an shock and awe expression on her face. Then again, SouthSide enjoys being shocked and awed when reviewing new bands for the first time. What MiPi offered the audience an odd combo of rock, strange ambience amidst the semi-darkness, sound fx and poetic lyrics that sometimes embodies the essence of The Door's Jim Morrison from front man/guitarist, Myrrick. That's why this reviewer highly recommends checking out this local band that wraps you withing its dark and experimental music-visual performance.

Coupled with random video images (on a screen behind the band), SouthSide was immediately mesmerized by the thundering grit and the electric twang which had the main floor of Metro vibin' to the strange melodic beat, blogspot readers. There's a hint of serious intensity while MiPi performed during their opening set yet the band did have a way of making their time on stage quite fun with unexpected antics ...which sometimes includes you as a willing participant in the show. There were some moments when the show itself can be classified as immature but SouthSide got the feeling it's what Myrrick and the band don't want you to take everything you see and hear so seriously. It's cool being a little childish, blogspot readers. What really sets MiPi apart, in SouthSide's opinion, from others she has reviewed this year is the chaos that comes with the band's music.

Don't think of that last statement in a negative way, blogspot readers. The chaotic rhythms and chords definitely kept this reviewer on her toes throughout their opening set. It was nice not knowing where Myrrick was taking her musically ...or which direction they would take within their songs with the many odd riff and chord changes that intricately gave the impression we the audience were in for one cosmic ride. Front man Myrrick Liontonia was the magical pied piper ...jumping around on as well as off stage ...hypnotizing the audience (especially those closest to the stage) with swirl of his Jesus-like locks and fierce energy (while trouncing around the main floor amongst the audience). He was simply one of those front men that you have to sometimes stop writing and simply watch as he draws the audience closer within MiPi's sound. The music wonderfully embraces this front man's vocal style thus giving each song performed its own composition oddity and more ..even when ending with a bunch of messy chords that made no kind of sense to this reviewer's ears except MiPi.

In a nutshell, blogspot readers, MiPi is one of those bands you have to see performed live especially if you like the unexpected predictability of intense weirdness floating within your music ...rock oddity locked inside the band's dark experimental sound.

Yep definitely something insanely weird is going on and it's called MiPi, blogspot readers.

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