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05 Dec 14

Beware naughty, children, The Krampus is looking for you....

Happy Holidays, blogspot readers! It's going to be a VERY busy December for this roving local scene queen as she tries to cover the many happening shows or events rockin' around town. Today was no exception. She plans not to do just 1 or 2 ...or even 3 shows in one day but 4! From downtown to Wrigleyville and Boystown, SouthSide was there rockin' with her friends all day. Her first stop was at Shop Columbia's 6th Annual Holiday Market for the art and handmade crafts done by local artisans. From displays of one of a kind posters to crochet winter wear and more - unique gift-giving items you won't find at the big box store. And besides that, there was also a rare afternoon performance by college student - Sid Yiddish and His Candy Store Henchmen!

Sid Yiddish, Denmark's native son and famous celebrity, was the featured attraction on Friday afternoon in which he performed a couple of selections off his recent CD release - "freilakkh Shtuping freilackkh" (translated - "merry fucking happy"). Songs like Sid Yiddish Meets Walt Disney and his own version of Silent Night and Jingle Bells, new listeners to Sid's unique musical  expression and composition might be in for a "shock and awe" moment upon seeing this artist live in person. It's a fair warning from this reviewer who has not only reviewed Sid with his Candy Store Henchmen but has also performed at a Henchmen herself at one time. By incorporating an oddball collection of things that you wouldn't normally use a music instrument (for example, the seat of a chair, windshield wipers as drumsticks, his throat to sing, this Columbia College student is the master of a unique music genre that could scare away many critics as well as listeners.

This is what art is all about, blogspot readers, creating something new ...different and strange that doesn't fit the "norm". And with Sid's music, sometimes it's better to expect the unexpected to happen during his performance. At times, you might find it confusing and frustrating to understand due to the unorthodox way his songs are composed's an un-orchestrated mess of complex rhythms, sounds, and melodies written to be played at different tempos and beat counts. Yet don't think of that description as a negative cognition about what Sid Yiddish does on stage. In fact, after seeing him live a few times, it's more fun watching the audience's reaction than watching him. At first, people literally don't know what to think of him and or his music but after some time, they definitely do get into the strange weirdness of sounds and other things that occur while he's on stage.

For instance, try handling Sid's 90 Minutes Delay on the Eisenhower - where he actually re-creates the anger ...the frustration ...the annoyance of "stop and go" traffic that routinely occurs on any expressway around Chicago especially during morning (and afternoon) rush hour. The noise of horns blaring ...the frequent f-bombs and so much more could be heard within the room as Sid and the band yell, scream etc at each other while playing their music instruments. It's realistic music, blogspot readers. Or try the quirky yet intense song which SouthSide will dub as Mr. Squirrel (actual title is Flight Of The Satanic Danish Apocalyptic Jewish Squirrel) ...poor Mr. Squirrel (skip over this part if you don't want a spoiler) he gets it in the dead. His Christmas renditions of Silent Night and Jingle Bells won't be the traditionally heard and performed especially since it might feature a bit of throat singing or other sound effects amidst a chaotic clash of noise and rhythms.

Usually seen with other local legend, Flabby Hoffman, who also combines unique fantastical sounds but on a psychedelia realm, blogspot readers, will soon be embarking on another tour of his "native" homeland Denmark in the beginning of 2015....

For more information about Side Yiddish and His Candy Store Henchmen, visit Sid Yiddish at or "like" his page on Facebook.



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  1. WOOOOT! Oh wow, Sid Yiddish. I didn't now he was still around, I had heard that he left Chicago to get into the finance industry in NY.


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