Tuesday, December 16, 2014

05 Dec 14 - Krampusnacht/Cosmix Friday

Naughty children behave ...or the Krampus will come and get you!

DJ Greg Haus in the booth
Tonight, SouthSide celebrates Krampusnacht at Berlin Nightclub with her friends Peter Propaganda and DJ Greg Haus (left photo) ...featuring the lovely host Jojo Baby (right photo) who also graced us with another stimulating, mind-bending performance later into the party. And there was also a special appearance of Krampus himself seeking out naughty patrons dancing inside Berlin. 

Aw, sometimes it's good being naughty, blogspot readers.

Krampus aka Peter in the booth
It was a special night at this nightclub where the first half was dedicated to Krampusnacht with special guest DJ Peter Propaganda (in costume) spinning dark EDM/holiday music and videos before turning over the booth for DJ Greg Haus and his Cosmix Friday - electronic/indie-dance music and video scene until 4a. Always a fun time when SouthSide visits Berlin ...it's a fun party hanging out with friends ...dancing all night long and watching out for Krampus. 


 Dance, my lovelies, dance!

 Jojo Baby special dance performance...


Until next time, support your local scene,

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