Tuesday, December 16, 2014

05 Dec 14 - Honey & the 45s

Warning ...Honey and the 45s are - MAD!
 And rightly so ...in a tongue-n-cheek kind of concept.

Well, not actually MAD since the new title of their latest release doesn't invoke actual sentiments of being angry ...or MAD, blogspot readers, as they recently demonstrated it when rockin' out Chicago's legendary Metro in front of a crowd. This local band has a unique way of emitting sweet groove-able sounds combined with sexy hot rhythms and cooling breeze of jazzy vocals that gives off a certain rockin' vibe whenever they perform on stage. Tonight, was no different except Honey increased it by ten-fold with their new album. They style of taking many elements of modern jazz, pop, rock and alternative with a strong dashes of funk and soul had this crowd screaming for more besides grooving to the beat.

Who could blame them, blogspot readers.

This reviewer also had her moments of grooving to the funky rhythms during the album release show especially when Honey performed the live versions of the title track and Lolita's Lament. She loved the groovy danceable beat as well as the feel of the sensuality from Kristen (also on guitar) and Kim (also on violin and sax) on vocals - they are one dynamic duo when it comes to making their fans feel the sexy heat off the lyrics besides hearing it. Just like when SouthSide first met this band at Cubby Bear over a year ago, this vocal duo created an air of seductive sexiness with a few dance moves on stage amidst the band's rockin' jazz and or pop/alternative tone depending on the song. Even while taking that upbeat vibe and melodic tempo down a couple of notches until your ears are surrounded by an ultra smooth jazz sound and feel, that's when Honey really got you hooked onto them, blogspot readers. There's no escaping that sensation as you start swaying to the adult contemporary music.

If you want to feel sexiness on a music level that comes with a heart attack-like bang, then check out the oldie but still a fan favorite - I Got The Need. *whew* Oh you will get the Need after listening to Kristen and Kim sex it up on stage, blogspot readers. Didn't need to warm up Metro during and after that particular song because the heat from the music and vocals combined were too smokin' hot for the venue operators to actually turn on the heat to ward off the chill felt in the air. Also, this reviewer recommends checking out Skinlovin' off the new album in which Kristen's voice seductively comes off a Sade-like style amidst an upbeat smoky jazz/blues sound ...so rhythmically sexy and groovy, blogspot readers, that you would want to slow dance with your special someone. Both songs guarantee to keep you warm this winter. After those two songs, then wrap yourself into Dark and Come Back and truly feel the steamy rhythms of Honey's funky neo soul music settle around you.

As SouthSide mentioned earlier, Honey and the 45s are MAD but do not take that word so literally, blgospot readers. It's all about the music and upping its sounds and rhythms to another notch in order to give you more that mad groove and vocals.This reviewer highly recommends snagging a copy of Honey and the 45s new album - MAD ...she will be mad if you don't add this to your collection.

For more information about Honey and the 45s and where they're performing again, visit http://www.honeyand45s.com or "like" them on Facebook.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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