Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One On One with The Ballroom Thieves

Hey, blogspot readers, besides the enjoying the sights, sounds and food of Summerfest, SouthSide was also busy meeting and making new friends. Today’s special One On One interview is with the Boston trio – Martin (guitars/vocals), Devin (drums/vocals) and Calin (cello/vocals) known as The Ballroom Thieves before their performance on the US Cellular Connection stage.

SouthSide: Please describe The Ballroom Thieves in five (5) words or less.
The Ballroom Thieves: “...trio ...Boston ...whiskey ...sandwich”

SouthSide: Interesting choice of words to describe the band, guys. So please explain why The Ballroom Thieves are a “trio” from “Boston” who enjoy “whiskey” and “sandwich” are always “fun”?
TBT: “...selected these particular words because we are three 20-somethings from Boston who love whiskey and sandwiches and fun...”

SouthSide: Cool. Since you’re spending your 4th of July rockin’ one of the many stages at Summerfest, whet kind of show should fans expect?
TBT:  “...audience members can expect to hear an energetic collection of songs, filled with lush three-part harmony, driving percussion, and a cello..”
SouthSide: Okay, but besides the music, in your opinion, what’s the main attraction about The Ballroom Thieves that brings fans back for another show?
TBT: “...Aside from the music, I suppose we try to do our best at keeping people interested with our banter. We like to get to know our audiences, which might be a bit of a challenge, due to the enormous scale of Summerfest. Another main attraction is the amount of sweat that emanates from Devin's body throughout the course of the show. It's a sight to behold. Don't tell him I said that...”

SouthSide: That secret is safe with me. I like asking bands this particular question because of the many unique answers. So tell me, when on tour, do you sometimes change the set and/or switch the set list around for each performance?
TBT: “...We make different set lists for every show. Our sets always change, and we usually write them directly before going on stage, so each show is a unique experience in that sense. We like to mix in older materials and a few cover songs from time to time as well, so you never know exactly what you'll get!

SouthSide: Speaking of songs, this reviewer would like to know which songs off your current release that you would recommend to my blogspot readers
TBT:  “...I think they should check out Coward's Son, and if they like it they should move on to Down By the River...”

SouthSide: Do these particular songs give a fair representation of what The Ballroom Thieves and its music is all about?
TBT: “...Our latest EP was recorded with our live show in mind, so there aren't many added bells and whistles. What you hear on that EP is essentially what you can expect to hear at the show...”

SouthSide: Being from Chicago, I’m all about supporting as well as promoting its local/indie music scene. I would like to know more about Boston’s local scene. Is there strong  fan support for bands like The Ballroom Thieves and a sense  of brotherhood amongst other artists/bands?
TBT: “...Our local scene is unbelievably supportive. It's a community that fosters healthy competition and camaraderie amongst its bands, which is something you don't find everywhere. Our good friends from Tall Heights will actually be playing the same stage as we will on the 4th, so we're psyched to bring a bit of Boston to Milwaukee...”

SouthSide: That’s good to hear from Boston, MA, guys! After Summerfest, will there be other places/venues where fans can rock out with The Ballroom Thieves?
TBT: “...This July we'll be hitting Minnesota, Colorado, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon, and the list continues in August...”

SouthSide: Any more future plans for the band happening during the rest of 2014 like recording, more touring, et al?
TBT “...We're finishing up the recording process for our first full length record as we speak, and then we hit the road again for most of the summer and fall. We love touring and seeing new parts of the country, so we're happy to spend most of our time on the road. The new record probably won't come out until next year, but we're excited to share some new tunes with everyone as soon as we get back on the road...”

SouthSide: Hope your future tour plans include a stop in Chicago. Here’s another interesting question for you: if The Ballroom Thieves were given the opportunity, which artist/band  would you guys like to collaborate with and why?
TBT: “...We're huge Frightened Rabbit fans. Doing anything at all with those guys would be an absolute dream. That being said, if Phil Collins or Celine Dion ever ask us to jam we would all have joy-induced heart attacks...”

SouthSide: Now that would be very interesting The Ballroom Thieves featuring Celine Dion. Well, I don’t want to take up any more of your time, guys. Is there any final words, shameless plugs, etc do you want to leave with fans about The Ballroom Thieves?
TBT: “...Come check out our set on the 4th and celebrate freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with us. That is all...”

SouthSide would like to thank Martin, Devin and Calin for taking time out of their busy schedule for this interview. For more information about The Ballroom Thieves, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

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