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13 Jul 14

"...we are the Wailers and we want a taste of Chicago..."
Hey, blogspot readers, a cool island breeze was blowing over Chicago's famous lakefront this afternoon and bringing with it the rich sounds of Jamaican ska music during the annual foodie festival - Taste of Chicago! Recently rockin' the crowd at Summerfest in Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago, the legendary reggae/ska band Wailers were ready to jam on the famous Petrillo Music Shell stage where other music acts like Stevie Wonder, Robert Plant, Aretha Franklin and many, many others have performed for free in front of adoring music fans. SouthSide had the extreme opportunity to meet as well as interview the band but sadly couldn't stay for their Summerfest headlining performance on the Johnson Controls World Sound stage. However, blogspot readers, she made up for that by joining other ska fans for their opening performance which featured a headlining performance by Aloe Blacc.

Celebrating 30 years of the iconic album release, Legends, the band described their music to SouthSide during the interview at Summerfest as "...important ...inspirational ...relatable [and] ...relevant..." because there's a "...message in the music..." Front man Dwayne "Danglin" Anglin also affectionately described it as "...poor people's music..." since they perform it "...not for monetary" gain. He went on to say it (the music) was what people today as well as back then need to hear that they need to hear something positive despite having the same problems like inequality. He said there's a need for equality ...a need for opportunity and a need for hope as well as an understanding of all cultures and differences. The goal of the Wailers' musical performances is to continually spread Bob Marley's message of peace, love and unity, blogspot readers. A message that's truly much needed today as it did back when the original founding members of Bob Marley & The Wailers formed together. And yet, that same message was heard loud and clear during their Taste of Chicago performance.

Though the crowd was encouraged to have a good time, blogspot readers, they were also encouraged to feel the spirit of Bob Marley's message for love, peace, unity and understanding throughout the Wailers' performance. It was all about staying positive despite any troubles we may have while vibrantly grooving their audience amidst the vibrant yet melodic ska/reggae music during such iconic songs like "Buffalo Soldier" and "Could You Be Loved". Rasta man vibrations were flowing everywhere ...infectiously effecting the avid music listener's ears whether they were within the seated area or dancing on the lawn. The spirit of Bob Marley was certainly being felt in the heart of Chicago's downtown/lakefront today. In SouthSide's opinion, this performance was absolutely fitting for a warm day under sunny skies as an often cooling breeze blew inland. Yet, that's what Danglin mentioned to SouthSide back in Milwaukee ...that each of us would react differently upon hearing the message depending on which song that might stand out during their performance, blogspot readers. Judging by the audience's reaction, there were a few songs that did resonate them hearing the motivational or inspirational words in the Wailers' lyrics.

For example, take the ever popular but iconic Bob Marley tune "Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright", blogspot readers. If listen very closely to the lyrics, you will find inspiration that there's no need to worry because there's always hope ...the hope that everything will be alright in the end. Such a message that definitely needs to be heard especially after tumultuous years with the economy and joblessness in this nation and around the world. Or take another iconic Bob Marley classic "One Love" which beautifully hones in the non-violent ideals of Mahatma Gandhi and Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. where everyone (one day) living in a world of peace and unity. There were also other songs when the audience was dancing in the aisles or in the grass such as "Jamming" and "Stir It Up". However they were simply beginning to get this crowd jamming deeply within the spirit of love, peace, unity and understanding just as their performance came to a close ...sadly, the people wanted more. Before ending the interview (and also their performance), Danglin had these few words of inspiration to say "...stay positive..."

And, blogspot readers, is all you need to know...

SouthSide highly recommends checking out Wailers while the band is currently on its tour of the West coast before taking the melodic ska music across the pond to France, Belgium and beyond for their European tour and back to the US. For tour information, music and more, visit Wailers at

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