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20 Jul 14 - The Deltaz

Los Angeles ...the city of angels ...celebrity dreams ...Whiskey A Go Go ...and country/rock?!

Yes, blogspot readers, you heard correctly. It was surprising for SouthSide as well Apparently, .Los Angeles knows how to rock the country music scene too especially after meeting the touring band - The Deltaz recently when this trio performed at Elbo Room as part of the lineup featuring Always Waiting, The Fishermen and Jared & The Mill. And what a set this band had for the Chicago audience. They thrilled this audience with rousing grit off the guitars and percussion rhythms from a drummer who was also blowing on the harmonica at the same time (plus vocal duties)! Now that was definitely something this reviewer had never seen before.
Basically, blogspot readers, it was a rockin' country/bluegrass fun time with The Deltaz on this Sunday evening. Opening with the song "Two Side" (because there's always two sides to every story), this band soon amped up the music to a toe-tappin' country rhythm that electrified the stage which even had this reviewer bouncing to the lively beat. That was after as she mentioned earlier being unexpectedly shocked that the trio were country and not what she originally anticipated. Still, for her, it was hard-hitting as well as heartfelt especially with Ted (guitar/vocals) on lyrics with brother John supplying the percussion, harmonica, and vocals in the back along with newcomer Eric (a man of very few words) on bass. Throughout The Deltaz's performance, the audience were treated not to a set featuring country rock but also immersed into deep emotions during the ballad "Face to Face" and a bit of wit during the tongue-n-cheek look at those music reality shows the promise to  "Make You A Star", blogpot readers.
The music really hit home with this Chicago audience when performing as a duo during an electrifying but rowdy blues number where Ted broke out the steel guitar for this particular song. According to the band's front man, they were exposed to "...real good music growing up..." And that was definitely well demonstrated, blogspot readers, throughout the rest of the set which featured other songs like "Wild Mustangs" (about their horses back home) and "Round and Round" (a traveling song about their travels on the road). How fitting since The Deltaz have been on the road for over a month visiting places like Michigan, Texas and other parts of the South and Midwest. They even spent nearly a week in Chicago "visiting" (i.e. performing) at some of the other venues like The Bird's Nest, The Red Line Tap and Moe's Tavern. The highlight of the set was their "Shady Rascal" song that featured some funky chicken clucking between Ted and John ...never knew your could make an electric guitar cluck like a chicken. The song itself was high octane intensity on the country rock sound leaving the audience thoroughly winded from the blast of guitar riffs and harmonic melody rockin out the stage.
SouthSide highly recommends checking out The Deltaz while the band is currently on the "Round & Round" tour traveling the highways and bi-ways before they head back home to Los Angeles, blogspot readers. It's definitely not surfer rock ...that's country/rock done California style! For more information, visit
Until next time, support your local scene,
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 Sol at the bar

Talent Buyer Adam Powers(right) with intern

The Deltaz

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