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03 Jul 14 - [synthetic]

Ah ...the night is still young.

There’s more fun to be had in this town, blogspot readers.
After her rockin’, foot-stompin’ party with The Black Cadillacs, it was time for SouthSide to mellow out (a little) along with others at Smartbar for the latest edition of [synthetic]. Happening in the underbelly of Metro, this dark electronic dance scene featured resident DJs Boy Alberto and Eeks Laroo with special guest DJ appearance by Nocturna’s DJ Scary Lady Sarah until closing.

What is [synthetic]? In a nutshell, blogspot readers, it’s a free convergence of the goth scene merging the best of Nocturna and Machina rolled into one EDM event for those 21 and older. And what better place to celebrate to hold it – Smartbar in which its dark overtones and dim fluorescent lighting simply added to the event’s mystique and atmosphere. When SouthSide arrived, the event was in full swing with DJ Eeks Laroo at the booth spinning a wicked selection of electronic tracks for the gradually gathering of multigenerational dark music lovers. Yet, blogspot readers, this wasn’t all work and no play for this reviewer. She did spend some time on the dance floor with many others throughout the night in between snapping photos, observing and talking to Boy Alberto. Even a busy reviewer needs to have some fun too.

Throughout the bewitching hours of [synthetic], the dance floor was constantly kept alive by those daring enough to show off their best moves. And there’s no need to worry if you have the wrong or don’t have the latest dance steps. SouthSide can attest of seeing one particular guy who has attended other dance events like Nocturna and Machina giving the younger crowd something to strive for when they reach his age. He’s quite of a vigorous dancer, blogspot readers, especially while tearing up the dance floor with his move song after song. Knowing the “right” moves or club steps is not a requirement here. Having a good time and enjoying the company of other like-minded people is strongly encouraged. Just simply allow the electronic rhythms in songs by The Smiths, The Cult and more take control and your body will do the rest ...blindly follow where it takes you on the dance floor amidst the spotty laser light.

While there, it was somewhat funny watching the hipster club scene venture into the dark underbelly of the Smartbar and then quickly leave upon realizing the DJ isn’t spinning something popular. This is not what [synthetic] is all about, blogspot readers. This monthly dance event may not feature Icona Pop or Tiesto in its music rotation but you will hear a mixture of retro and new like The Cure ...Echo and The Bunnymen ...or Depeche Mode (always a popular favorite) or March well as local artists like Cyanotic, Gothsicles  and more until closing. Dress code? Ha! You don’t have to impress anyone with your dress. If you want to wear black or look like the adult version of Wednesday Addams, then do so. It’s all about being comfortable in what you want to express about yourself here, blogspot readers. Believe, SouthSide, whatever you wear whether it’s leather and chains to comfy Bermuda shorts and collared shirt, you will certainly fit in with this electronic crowd.

Sadly, after a long exhausting day of traveling from Summerfest, it was time for SouthSide to get some rest ...she had another busy holiday night planned for her. But in the meantime, blogspot readers, [synthetic] is a free dance event held every second Thursday unless noted. The next one will be on August 14 th. Hope to see you there...

Until next time, support your local scene, SouthSide

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  1. Thanks for the great review! See you soon!
    -Boy Alberto


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