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22 Jul 14 - Blackburner

Their performances have been known to be "...high energy and unpredictable...", blogspot readers with their true identities completely hidden behind creepy "Frank the bunny" (think Donnie Darko) masks.
Welcome to the dark EDM world of Blackburner (from Los Angeles, CA) who recently performed in Chicago at Wicker Park's Debonair Social Club. It wasn't SouthSide's first time seeing this band ...she remembers first reviewing them when they performed as an opening act for The Ministry a couple of years ago. What a creepy, smoke-filled then as it was again tonight, blogspot readers. Yet, in SouthSide's opinion, that's what draws fans to their shows. During an interview with Skyla, he told this reviewer that they like to do things differently or "...see where the night takes us..." calling themselves "...'old' rock-n-roll guys still running around the stage..." However Chaz, in between loading their equipment added "...I'm the younger one..." And with that, SouthSide was off to a good start in her long evening hanging out with the duo, blogspot readers. But for the guys, they were getting "...out of the DJ booth..." and "...doing more of a show..." featuring tracks off their fourth release, "From Dusk to Dub". "...we're halfway into our tour with 5000 more miles to go..." which will end on Aug 3rd at Atlanta before heading back to Los Angeles.
Although it was a dismal showing by fans in Chicago, blogspot readers, the lineup, also featuring DJ acts by K Beeta ( and Blaqout (, rocked Debonair Social Club with wide variety of EDM music styles that included the energizing, bass-heavy beats and dark laden dubstep sound before the dark masked-wearing duo Blackburner took over the stage. "...besides the show we put on, we like to mix it up with different genres..." That part about Blackburner is definitely true, blogspot readers. One minute there might be metal ...then it might switch to heavy dubstep ...or then you might be rockin' out with remixed beats and/or songs. That's where the unpredictably about this duo shines during their performances. Who knows where they might take you during an intense 45-minute performance. And it's completely amazing that these "old" guys have that much stamina while donned in their "Donnie Darko" masks. At first, those who were in attendance (other than the other DJs and their guests) at the Debonair were a bit freaked out by Blackburner's sudden masked appearance but quickly warmed up to the duo once they really got into their set. It wasn't simply contained to the stage unlike their show at Vic Theatre. Oh no, this time they had the chance to move about the club ...rocking on the black monitor stands or sitting at a table for a couple of minutes. They certainly made thing very interesting for us tonight ...kept SouthSide on her toes as she snapped photos.
Even music fans can be unpredictable too. Still Blackburner was unpredictable ...not only with their music but also with their stage presence. There were selfies taken of themselves ...dazzling the club with laser light and puffing blasts of smoke from the fog machine. Someday, this reviewer is going to ask how they drink beer with those masks on just for fun. Yep, it was just two giant bunnies hopping all over the stage and club floor simply rockin it out. Performing tracks off their current release From Dusk to Dub (which according to Skyla was created while traveling on the road like most of their other songs), it was suggested to this reviewer that fans check out the following tracks - "Butterfly Ghost" and "Hotel Bitches (featuring Lil Wayne)" because they demonstrate where the band has progressed to ...for now. They perform while in Chicago some of their heavier stuff and awesome Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" remix, blogspot readers. Overall, Chicago, you missed an exciting show with this masked duo! Lastly before leaving, the guys would like to say "...see us on the road ...and check out the new album..." Hopefully they will return soon for another wildly intense set with heavy dubstep, industrial and more. In the meantime, visit Skyla and Chaz aka Blackburner at for music and tour information.
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