Thursday, December 5, 2013

27 Nov 13 - Trilogy of Terror

"What's the proper cooking time for a Zuni doll? Do you baste it?"

After dancing with the suave electronic "man of mystery" at Bottom Lounge, SouthSide ended her night hanging out at Door No.3 - Double Door's newly renovated basement lounge to view the 1970s horror - Trilogy of Terror starring Karen Black! Besides being one of the most recognizable horror classic (as well as one of SouthSide's many favorites), it's a made-for-television movie in which has this legendary actress portraying four different main character roles within three short stories including the infamous one about the African doll coming to life in "Amelia". For SouthSide, this was a rare opportunity to view the movie on the "big screen" but along with a unique soundtrack perfectly crafted by industrial DJ Peter Propaganda and new friend Jojo Baby hosting this free event.

And what an experience, blogspot readers! One side, there's watching the stories where either Karen Black is the frumpy-looking college English instructor with a deadly secret or a schizophrenic with a complex dual personality disorder. Then on the other side, Peter's carefully selected industrial tracks/remixes running in sync with the storylines ...word for word especially during the suspense building intensity. For example, towards the end of the first story, "Julia", the music added a touch of creepiest with the repetitive lyric "...she's got the look..." as it faded away into the next one, "Therese and Millicent". During this story, the haunting echo of "...I hear voices on the radio..." to further intensify the paranoia felt within the opening sequences when Millicent is writing in her diary. For the final story, Peter was a little crafty but dead-on by using hardcore instrumental music to elevate the terrifying scenes of the Zuni doll chasing Amelia around her apartment until you see the iconic climax. Sorry, no spoilers here ...if you haven't seen this horror classic, SouthSide highly suggests that you do, blogspot readers.

For Peter's next movie and music combination, he's going for a holiday theme ...who knows, it could be  the screening of the original Black Christmas, blogspot readers, also another SouthSide favorite.

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