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14 Dec 13

"...Jingle bells ...schmingle bells..." ~ Don of The Polkaholics

Hey, blogspot readers, what does beer, bowling and party have in common? Well, if you were out Saturday night in the Lincoln Square area, you probably heard the sounds of ten pins falling amidst lively polka music. And if there's polka music, then it must be The Polkaholics rockin' this venue - the Lincoln Square Lanes. This bowling alley was the sight of this local polka-loving band's annual holiday party in which attracted a crowd of friends, family and fans for good times and fun. It was wild time for SouthSide and her daughter as they enjoyed a spicy plate of chicken wings and music ...and it was the first On The Town review at a bowling alley, too, blogspot readers.

This holiday polka party included three sets of this band's hits from the numerous released albums
like a Halloween polka mash-up, Old Style (beer) song, Beer Garden and many more as well as songs off the Christmas release titled Jingle Bells, Schmingle Bells, blogspot readers. Yes, it was three hours of polka music and fun to be had by all! And the beauty about attending The Polkaholics performance, you really don't have to like polka. Seriously, it's not really the typical Polish kind ...there's Mexican, German, Bavarian, etc and Don (front man on guitar) mixes it with classic rock sounds from The Rolling Stones, The Knack, Black Sabbath, etc to give it an edgy polka flare. So in essence, you're rockin' to polka rock! It's the band's longtime goal - to conquer the world with polka one fan at a time and judging by The Polkaholics' growing popularity, they're gaining new converts after each performance.

After rolling out the barrel and jamming to their theme song, The Polkaholics got their holiday party off to a good start by featuring songs like Yakov The Polka Reindeer (i.e. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer) and Sausage Balls (JingleBells) in which had them dreaming of a Polka Christmas (White Christmas) too. As you can see, blogspot readers, nothing escapes the polka path ...not when it comes
to The Polkaholics. For example, there's the Chicken Dance as well as the Hokey Pokey polkas that will require your participation when the band performs those two particular songs. So be prepared to shake your entire body (that includes your neck, liver, shins and more) during the Hokey Pokey. They even had a few audience member dancing the Horah (Jewish circle dance) while rockin' out the stage with a little of The Rolling Stones' Painted Black during the Halloween mash-up. No one cared that it wasn't the correct holiday music for this party but for Don and the guys everyday is Halloween to them. There's a polka dedicated to local weatherman Paul Konrad (of WGN-CW station). Also from the Stones, look for riffs from Sympathy For the Devil during the intro to In Excelsis Polka song there's The Kinks' Gloria somewhere too before taking your ears on the highway to polka, blogspot readers!

It was pretty wild ...Don rockin' the guitar on the bar counter. Yes, this "old" rocker was living up the life fantastic entertaining the crowd around the bar area. Even had some by the pool tables dancing along too. Other songs during the first two sets included Barfly (dedicated to the Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway movie), I Loved You Till You Chicken Danced (featuring Gary Glitter's Rock-n-Roll Part 2 and Chicken Dance), Son Of A Gun polka (dedicated to Lil Wally, the King of Polka featuring
ten seconds of the quietest music by the band) and so much more. Hanging out with The Polkaholics
over the past three years , blogspot readers,  has this reviewer learning more and more about polka ...the different kinds of polka and the famous music performers of this genre - that she does have a fond appreciation of this lively fun music. Ah, what fun it was but sadly it getting late for the young daughter. This reviewer highly recommends polka-ing your way with this local band. So, you better watch out better shout but don't cry because The Polkaholics are coming to your town and/or venue (like Lincoln Square Lanes) near you in 2014.

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