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09 Dec 13

 "...this is our first U.S. tour ...we're going to remember this rest of our lives..."
Anna von Hausswolff

Hey, blogspot readers, winter's frosty chill has arrived a little head of schedule yet that doesn't stop SouthSide from rockin' the scene on a Monday night. Tonight, she's hanging out at Schubas Tavern to witness the instrumentally ambient /experimental rock sounds of Anna von Hasswolff (from Sweden)  and her band who made a special stop here during her first U.S. tour. Opening for her was another amazing talented woman - Noveller (from New York) who stunned this crowd in silence from beginning to end during her set. 

Under the cover dark toned lighting and random images projected behind her on a screen, this musician rocked the venue with a unique symphonic sound using only her electric guitar but not without some help from her elaborate pedal board. Combining the two created the most wondrous vibe of flowing electronic rhythms and ambient melodies bursting continuously bursting to life. And as SouthSide mentioned earlier, she indeed had this audience (including this reviewer) in complete awe ...and deafening silence - believe it or not, blogspot readers. It was like watching an artist at work especially gently strumming her guitar like cello or viola which produced an eerie vibe floating across the stage while running in sync with the images shown on screen. These images (some of them independent movie shorts) helped enhanced everyone's listening pleasure as well as convey the story being told by Noveller's orchestral music of the night. The music itself was too beautiful for lyrics yet you could basically feel stories being told during each song. For example, whenever the scenes had spinning tops or showing a side view of an x-ray on screen, the music was moving along with those images until fading out like a cold whispering wind blowing against the surf. At one point of her performance, you could literally feel the thunderous vibrations surrounding the venue ...encompassing you with such intense floetry and melodic beats, blogspot readers. Truly magical to behold yet very intense to hear whether she's fingering the strings and/or pushing the pedals with her hands. You definitely must see this artist live in order to fully experience her night music. For more information, visit Noveller at

Though needing to turn down the electrics a bit during certain songs, SouthSide highly recommends attending a performance by Sweden's Anna von Hausswolff while she's touring the U.S., blogspot readers.  Here's another artist creating instrumentally ambient/experimental (with some songs containing lyrics) for a frosty night in Chicago that kept the audience stunned into awe and silence throughout her set. Amidst the red glow of the stage lighting, Anna and her band lured everyone to feel the chill of the Scandinavian winter with the image of a full moon projected in the background while the crescendo rise and her soft aria-like vocals enchanted the entire room. What a grand entrance, blogspot readers, to feel that thunderous burst of sound filling the ears (even while wearing earplugs) triumphantly announcing that the Swedes have arrived thus easily conquering Chicago with one haunting sweep of Anna's melodic sound. SouthSide might find it hard to fully describe Anna's music since she spent considerable time mellowing within its orchestral wave that floated from the stage. There was so much to take in throughout this performance ...from the intense feeling of the electric vibrations to the roaring thunder of Valhalla off the drums and then soothing sounds of the band's melodic side gradually merging (or more like intertwining) in between all of the harshness. Again it was simply musically beautiful to behold ...enough to stop writing notes and enjoy more night music, blogspot readers. Like Noveller's opening set, art and music ran in sync to allow the stories within each song unfold besides setting the tone and atmosphere for this audience who either stood or sat in complete awe of this musician's performance. Not once making a verbal sound until clapping after each song ...this is the second time, SouthSide had experienced this from a Chicago audience during a concert. Yet, she must warn you - she's not kidding about the thunderous sound that bursts to life during Anna's set. It was fantastic to feel the vibrations around her but also a little hard on her ears. So earplugs are a must if extremely loud noise hurts your ears yet it's designed for you to feel (as well as hear) the impact of each grandiose note before wowing you how soulful her dynamic voice could be. There was passion ...intense emotions especially when she sang in her native tongue. This reviewer didn't mind there were lyrics to Anna's songs. It was mostly the music that had her riveting with excitement each time she felt Thor's thunder or melodic rhythms. Yet, it wasn't mostly thunder all of time, blogspot readers. Anna did entertain us with a lighthearted (almost child-like) twinkling music which for SouthSide was totally unexpected but playfully welcome to balance out the Nordic booms that previously surrounded the venue. The upbeat rhythms created a symphonic lullaby while her heartfelt voice matched the playful tune in between the intense sound. Visit Anna von Hausswolff at for more information of where and/or when her tour with Noveller comes to a venue near you, blogspot readers. It's truly an awe-inspiring music experience.

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