Friday, December 20, 2013

13 Dec 13

Red Team Kasteteers unite! 

It's time to pick up your sword and fight against the evil Brown and Gold teams ...for chivalry and honor!

Yes, blogspot readers, the lads from Bristol, England (by way of riding a "Horse") recently returned to Chicago rock their fans at Wrigleyville's Cubby Bear when they opened for Moistboyz (PA) on a chilly Friday the 13th night. It has been a long while since SouthSide rocked amongst the wild chaos and hardcore metal rock at a Cealed Kasket show where just about anything happens on or off stage.

Throughout their opening performance, there were fierce battles between the three teams (Red in which SouthSide is a proud member of, Gold and Brown) in which each "fight" to be named champion by Mortal Death (front man of Cealed Kasket) as well as believing in the guitar magic of the band's elder wizard - Sarsicus and toasting to the golden days of rock music and chivalry and honor. Performing songs like Drink and Drive, Sarsicus and Horse, Cealed Kasket entertained the near sold-out crowd with a new one called Belt which featured a lively hardcore guitar rock sound with a little electronica (thanks to Soul Collector).

Yet more importantly, blogspot readers, it was great to see this particular band performing on stage after a long absence. Mortal Death, sporting new threads and shoes, still had that exuberant energy to rally this wild and crazy crowd into a frenzy after each song. Sarsicus, in a proper wizard's garb, excited everyone during his towering "rise" on stage when performing his song to which he felt many believing in the magic again. Maurice (on large guitar) looked very dapper, ladies, especially when serenading Lady Red during his song about having the power of 5 dicks in one. This reviewer cannot forgot about Scott (on drums) dressed his Middle Ages battle garb despite the chilly snowy weather outside. He seemed so naturally at ease creating the rousing thunder on his kit while Soul Collector, who was doing more than collecting souls, rockin' the stage with his usual "stash" on hand and electronic rhythms to keep this show wildly exciting.

There wasn't only wildness happening on stage but also amongst the throng of people ...especially those crowded close to the front of the stage, blogspot readers. Gold team leader was missing all of the drunken fun in which he would have enjoyed tonight. Brown and Red team leaders were loudly rallying their teams to battle throughout the show as well as brawling during Horse and other songs (though Cubby Bear does discourage moshing inside its establishment). Wenches (some of them having a little too much malty brew) and their brave knights everywhere head-banging to Cealed Kasket they never had forgotten the golden days, blogspot readers. Fresh "coke" (really baby powder) was plentiful too. If the wild craziness and obscene things done and/or sung offend you, then attending a Cealed Kasket show isn't for you because this is what normally happens ...sometimes more.

Usually, blogspot readers, Cealed Kasket rocks a party longer than a normal forty-five minute set. However, this reviewer was happy to relive the golden days once more with this rowdy band of chivalrous knights and wizards because there's no party like a Cealed Kasket party. Hope to see more of them during 2014.

For more information about Cealed Kasket, visit ...or Myspace (yes, they still rock the Myspace site) at

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