Tuesday, December 24, 2013

17 Dec 13

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' around the Christmas tree at this holiday rock show tonight! Along with her newly adopted daughter Amber, she hung out at Wicker Park's Double Door to see local bands like Elements of Style, Mooner and 10,000 Light Years featuring headlining act Magatha Trysty rock the stage. 

This band came and conquered the stage by rockin' the late night audience with its intense pop energy full of clashing cymbals, electric vibe and electronic rhythms ...what an upbeat sound to groove to, blogspot readers, especially when opening with their hit single - This Is Your Magic. Recently featured in a Rock In Chicago podcast, Magatha Trysty immediately had this reviewer liking the "happy-go-lucky" sound and feel of their music without blasting her ears with long introductions or overdoing it with extended instrumental bridges. Nope, this local band kept the Double Door in a festive party mood during other songs like Ugly Side Of Pretty (the "softer" side of Magatha) and The Clocks Run In Reverse (the band's new song).

Yet it was more than just music with Magatha Trysty, blogspot readers. The quartet of musicians were also about having fun while performing on stage. Listening to their songs, you might get the sense of seriousness from the subject matter yet, there's light humor and wit as well. For example, when Catherine took lead vocals on Clairvoyant, the slightly faster tempo created a fun danceable rhythm in which a few near the stage took advantage of to show off some funky moves.  Or groove to the song Paper Cranes even though the reverb off the bass did overshadow Catherine's voice a little. Meanwhile the film school dropout song aka Raygun lit up the stage as well as the few left in the audience amongst its upbeat swing and melodies. Magatha Trysty, blogspot readers, had cool whistling too like during Ugly Side Of Pretty.

However the highlight of the night was when the band performed its rendition of Darlene Love's Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) to close out their performance. And what a rendition it was, blogspot readers.  Literally felt the power of Catherine's dynamic voice on lyrics to which there was probably not a dry eye in the house. It was one of those touching holiday moments where you should hold that special someone close to you while watching the band rock out to this tune. SouthSide highly recommends checking out this band during 2014 ...be prepared to dance and have fun while immersed within its lively pop/rock music. For more information about Magatha Trysty, visit http://www.magathatrysty.com.

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