Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One On One with Too Much Saturn

Hey, blogpot readers, here's a simple recipe you can follow if you like "...rocking melodic power popping rock..." in your music. Just add "...melody and hooks, a dash of indie spirit and two parts pop sensibility..." and then like James Bond with his martinis, you shake not stir until you get with front man Dave of Too Much Saturn calls - "...Midwest Indie Power Pop..." In his opinion, this type of music is "..memorable, clever and accessible original songs and a few select covers done our way...”. Only because, according to him, it's also served with "...harmonies, big drums, 12 string bass, swirling keyboards and a liberal mix of crunchy, ambient and jangly guitars too..." And with that, blogspot readers, was your unique introduction to Too Much Saturn to which this reviewer highly suggests checking out their next live performance or snagging a copy their album Moving Forward Sideways for your collection this summer.

Fans might instantly recognize the band name as a song by Francis Dunnery ...and you would be correct. However, SouthSide will let Dave explain how the band got its name. "...The name Too Much Saturn just presented itself when the song Too Much Saturn by Francis Dunnery came up on shuffle on my iPod during a road trip..." he states, "...I was trying to come up with a cool name that was catchy, somewhat clever and memorable and BOOM, [it was] one of those aha moments happened! I think three word names are interesting and have a rhythmic quality to them. So it sorta stuck. That and most of the other cool names were already taken..." And since the context of the Dunnery song somewhat does allude to being inbalanced, SouthSide wanted to know if that description is reflected on the band. He responded "...I guess there's always some imbalance or imperfection in all things but that's part of how it all works together..." Dave went on to say that they all come from different backgrounds and each one has an eclectic taste in music. "...We're passionate about that and with that everyone brings something unique which defines our sound..."
Something SouthSide can agree after listening to their CD - Moving Forward Sideways. Too Much Saturn did have an eclectic sound surrounding the melodic core of the power pop/rock sound ...it's sort of hard describe without giving too much away, blogspot readers, but it was indeed refreshing to hear. Well, Dave says if you take the Gin Blossoms, Killers, Fountains of Wayne & Barenaked Ladies and toss them in a blender and hit FRAPPE that might be akin to what Too Much Saturn sound like, blogspot readers. Anyway, this reviewer enjoyed the whit and humor found in certain songs like Photogenic ("...smile you're on candid camera..."), Walter Cronkite ("...and that's the way it is...") and First Glance (a guy's version of Call Me Maybe perhaps). The entire CD in its own special way will have you moving sideways at times espeically when following the half loop design of the song playlist on the back of the cassing. What really surprised SouthSide was Too Much's version of The Monkeys' hit song Daydream Believer. It wasn't mimicking the Davey Jones 60s sound however it had a fresh take in a danceable power pop vibe.
If you're in the Kenosha, WI area, Too Much Saturn has an upcoming gig where they will be performing at the Taste of Kenosha (at 5:40p). This will be their third time performing at this event and there are plans to top last year's appearance too. "...Third times a charm don'tchaknow!" Hopefully, the band will be performing a couple of local shows around town for a future SouthSide On The Town review.
Lastly, Too Much Saturn would like to leave blogspot readers with these final parting words - "...The music speaks for itself - listen to the songs and come see us live. You will not be disappointed!"
Moving Forward Sideways
Too Much Saturn
Until next time, support your local scene,

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