Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One On One with Hospital Garden

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide recently met another up and coming local band in which she highly suggests checking them out at their next live performance or their music online. If you like your rock “...noisy, loud with melodies intact...” with the unique mix of 80s and early 90s, then Hospital Garden is the perfect band for you. According to the band’s press release, they’re a “...tried and true power trio...” that features front man, Lucas Hollow on vocals and a pop core “...wrapped in the unassuming dirty frustration of an era when Reagan anguish had yielded to resigned Reagan fatigue...” To SouthSide’s ears while listening to Hospital’s latest album – Mover, they sounded angry ...rebellious teens looking to upset the norm of the established rock/alternative scene. Give this band a chance, blogspot readers, they might just do that amidst their gritty aggressive and loud sound.
Having shared the stage with other acts like Evan Dando, Mate Bonding, and Diarrhea Planet, SouthSide in a recent interview with front man Lucas asked where did the band get their name. “...The band name comes from one of my favorite writers, William Carlos Williams...” he says, “...He has a really wonderful poem called The Mental Hospital Garden that I swiped the name from...” He also disclosed to this reviewer the band has been compared to Dinosaur Jr. however he doesn’t feel the two are exactly like though noting there might be similarities between them. Yet, the one thing he wants blogspot readers to remember about Hospital Garden is – it’s a trio with loud guitar, heavy distortion and catchy melodies. SouthSide definitely could hear that distinction during the first track of Mover called Half Of It in which Lucas recommends listening to first. It was a good indicator of what this band and its music was all about, blogspot readers. Loud is putting it nicely ...it was boisterously intense as the ear felt as well as heard the gritty electric riffs coupled with an ear-piercing feedback and pounding drums. Don’t take this as harsh criticism – this is the type of music the band wants to convey to its audience. And believe it or not, amidst the noise and distorted confusion, there are melodies and backing vocals by bassist Sarah which tends to balance everything out. This reviewer also recommends checking out track 3 – Berlin (liking the harsh guitar sound within an upbeat pop sound) , track 8 – Bummin’ (bursts with that 80s pop sound as Lucas feverish spews the mumblings of lyrics) and track 9 – Pragmatics (featuring Sarah on lead while there’s some distorted feedback screeching behind her some times). Those who enjoy some ragin’ screamo of intense anger and frustration within a punk sound should hone their ears to track 10 – Crypt and Code.
SouthSide then asked for Lucas’ opinion about Chicago’s local music scene to which he replied “...it's deep and wealthy, but still disjointed...” before also adding “...There are so many bands here, and so many good ones at that. One could never get around to checking them all out.” SouthSide knows that feeling all too well. He duly noted what’s really disappointing about the scene itself, blogspot readers, the lack of camaraderie stating it’s not intentional but in his opinion, if Chicago had that small town atmosphere with its music scene, it would be great. “...Chicago’s not a small town but I feel it’s an obtainable goal...” That being said, she asked what’s one of the main reasons (besides the music) he could attribute fans returning to Hospital Garden show. He emphatically stated “...because they’re our friends!” According to the front man, a lot of people who attend their knows them personally and continue to support the band due to an established relationship. Even other bands they have shared the stage with also come out to their shows but as far as the people they don’t know, he has an interesting theory about why they return to see Hospital Garden. “...I believe that they return due to the energy and intensity we put into shows...” because they (the band) goes out there to get loud and sweaty. If you want to see Hospital Garden live and in action, head out to Schuba’s on Saturday June 22 for a matinee show starting at 2:30p where they will be opening for Forgetters (ex Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil).
Like any other One On One interview, SouthSide’s time with the band is quite limited but before leaving she asked if Lucas had any other parting words. He had one simple request – “...please listen to us...”
Hospital Garden
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