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26 May 13 - The Drop

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to The Drop! It's a WLUW 88.7 FM sponsored event recently held at Double Door where media, artists, designers, musicians, bookers/promoters and photographers could network under one roof while enjoying performances by some of the best within Chicago's local scene. Since this event was free to all, attendees were asked to donate a canned food item to help support the Chicago Food Depository. Tonight's featured lineup included a variety of music genres from such bands - BlahBlahBlah, Good Evening, The Bright White and God and The Architects with Paper Thick Walls opening the show.
Paper Thick Walls kicked off the night with its heartfelt storytelling lyrics amidst haunting vibe of their Americana/folk sound. Yet, blogspot readers, don't let that fool you becaue this local band can not only wow with such rhythmic melodies but also the powerful yet complimenting vocals by Eric and Kate. This pair created an energizing momentum that popped the words to life while the band performed a floetry of intense piano-driven rhythms in which at times this unique music-vocal combination tends to hypnotize the audience. Or perhaps it was the calming ...soothing but lively downtempo vibe that was luring everyone deeper inside Paper Thick Wall's sound especially when featuring some cool violin melodies or hot tempered trumpet to the mix to spice up their Americana a little. Though the band was without their bass player for this performance, the band as a quartet was able to pull off another good show despite this reviewer missing a few moments where a bass could liven up the music or added a funky rhythm or two to balance out the somber tone. For more information about Paper Thick Walls, visit
God and The Architects (MI), blogspot readers, had this flowing melodic mellow rock sound yet that could change instantly in a heartbeat like it happened during the beginning stages of this band's set. One minute, SouthSide was floating on the ether of guitar twangs before getting rocked by the lively upswing within the tempo and rhythms. Despite having that energized soundwave to which had some in the audience were enthusiastically grooving, she noticed the lead vocals were being overshadowed by the boisterous music ...and where SouthSide was sitting and observing the action (in her usual balcony spot), she could barely hear. She doesn't know if this was the fault of Double Door's sound team or the band, one thing is sure - there was a need for more vocal umph into the microphone, blogspot readers, to compliment the dramatically intense rock sound as well as to be heard above the wail of electric guitars. This also had this reviewer feeling a little confused during the progression of God's performance when the band when from symphonic to rock/alternative and something a little in between. In her honest opinion, the band sounded way better as a rock/alternative band than whatever rock genre mesh  was being heard on stage. Under this genre, God jammed with energizing intensity and the vocals were clearly there pumping plenty of heartfelt emotions into the lyrics. For more information about God and The Architects, visit
The Bright White came bursting onto the stage with fire, spunk and lots of rock-n-roll energy like SouthSide has never seen before ...and she had just seen this particular band back in April when they opened for Makeshift Prodigy at Reggie's Rock Club. This was definitely a different The Bright White band pumping a lively yet intense mix of Brit rock/guitar rock thus bringing more than life and excitement back to the stage midway thru this lineup especially when Matthew is doing double duty - vocals and guitar. Not saying there was none to begin with when he was only doing vocals but when on the guitar, it not only changes his vocal projection but instantly also the direction of band's music and sound compared to when he's not on it. While on the guitar, The Bright White will rock your faces off with energizing momentum that will have their audience grooving to the electric rhythms. On the flipside, when not on the guitar, Matthew tends to be more vocally expressive on the lyrics ...his falsetto voice becomes the center of attention popping the heartfelt lyrics to life. It's hard choosing which side of The Bright White to like the most, blogspot readers, even though both sides are equally good in SouthSide's eyes. Sadly, this was the band's last performance as they take a much needed (and deserved) hiatus from the stage. However, when they do return, she highly recommends check out this band live. For more information, visit The Bright White at
Now there was a major with this next performance by Good Evening, blogspot readers. First - acoustic performances on the Double Door stage doesn't bode well especially if the entire band is very hard to hear. Second, the band is VERY, VERY hard to hear when only those standing up front of the stage can hear you and no one else throughout the venue can. That's what SouthSide was faced with throughout Good Evening's time on stage. It was as if the volume suddenly went dead and the chatting noise from around the Double Door when up. Each member whenever they played, spoke and/or sang could not be heard in the back of the venue as well as up in the balcony. Since she couldn't hear the vocals, this reviewer tried to review the band's set and stage presence to which sadly she found quite lackluster, blogspot readers. There was no excitable umph or momentum to grab her attention draw her into their acoustic/folk music after the opening the song. This reviewer did her best to give Good Evening a chance but the noise was totally overshadowing their entire so only to be fair to them and their fans, she stopped reviewing. It wasn't their fault this happened. SouthSide will try to review this band at another time, blogspot readers. For more information about Good Evening, visit

Given the band name, blogspot readers, BlahBlahBlah isn't blah at all! This band immediately had this reviewer liking their brand of neo soul/R&B sound even though the microphone problems remained as Solomon (guitars/front man) sang. Yet that didn't deter this reviewer from enjoying the soulful groove of his falsetto style amidst the melodic rhythms and upbeat swing off the rest of BlahBlahBlah band. Oh yes, there was plenty of swing and groove coming from this particular band, blogspot readers that it had many near and around the stage dancing to the energizing beat despite not having their keyboardist for this show. Now, this revewer wonders what this band sounds like in full mode ...and she can't wait to hear them again with their keyboardist rockin' the stage. It was so easy to get into the floetry of this band's vibrant sound was delightful and refreshing as they incorporate the neo soul and classic R&B to rock Double Door even while in  downtempo ballad to which has Solomon pumping expressive heartfelt emotions on the lyrics. There wasn't a body near the stage standing still, blogspot readers, since Blah was ready to party all night long. Thank goodness Monday was a holiday too. For more information about BlahBlahBlah, visit

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  1. SouthSide,

    Can you believe I completely forgot about this event, even though The Bright White had promoted it on their Facebook newsfeed? Now will have to wait to see them perform after their hiatus. As you had reviewed them, wish I could have been there.



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