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01 Jun 13

Hey, blogspot readers, summertime fun, music and festivals has officially begun ...with a rockin' stormy bang! SouthSide kicks a long hot season of good times (and eats) as she samples a few of the MANY festivals that will be showcasing some of the hottest local/indie bands, yummy culinary delights and of course diverse culture around town. Tonight, she's at the legendary House of Blues checking out Hammerfest 2013 featuring local guys Marty Casey and the Lovehammers, Vintage Blue, Super Big and Ockam's Razor. And in between acts, there was a bit of comedy which wasn't even "ha ha ha" funny in this reviewer's honest opinion. The only rousing laugh he was able to generate was when he mentioned the Blackhawks.
Opening this unique indoor music festival, Ockam's Razor had a good intense guitar rock sound, blogspot readers, however sadly this reviewer wasn't truly feeling one bit of their House of Blue set. Yes, this band did send thrilling chills down the spine whenever hearing the shrilling riffs or the thundering percussion rhythms but while hurriedly rushing through their set, SouthSide was missing that excitement within Ockam's music to which each musician was rockin' out to. Somehow from what was being exhibited on stage was poorly missing amongst the audience and fans. The band wasn't really engaging them to feel that same level of momentum where they were. Still, SouthSide knows there are fans who would enjoy this trio's style of hardcore guitar rock and suggests giving this band a listen. For more information, visit Ockam's Razor at
Next to rock the stage was Super Big to which this reviewer instantly liked the band's energy throughout their performance, blogspot readers, amidst their particular pop/alternative/guitar rock sound. Besides having an intense momentum, this band also had the audience rockin' and groovin' along with them during such songs like Overboard and Take It Or Leave It even though there were hearfelt vocals and downtempo rhythms. Don't be fooled by that. There was a moment when the front man filled the microphone with a venomous falsetto voice while the band backed him with wicked riffs and intense percussion when he sang "...take it or leave it..." And he truly meant it too. The highlight of Super's set came at the end when they paid homage to Depeche Mode by performing It's No Good. A rarely heard as well as covered Depeche Mode song, blogspot readers, this band gave it a clever but unique spin to which didn't sound as if they were trying to imitate the original version while taking it slow so everyone could enjoy Super Big's set one minute longer. For more information, visit this band at
Rockin' the stage next, Vintage Blue not only gave the crowd a little bit of rock, alternative and pop but everything else in between during their House of Blues performance, blogspot readers. They also had heartfelt and harmonizing vocals, intense momentum, and all-around fun which had many near the front of the stage groovin' along with this local band. Vintage does have this "get up and dance" type of music which many will enjoy since it will have you tapping your toes to that rhythmic beat or melodic tune without even knowing you are especially during songs like Set You Free and California Road. Add the sweet female docile vocals by Katie and you will start falling in love with this band ...and the cowbell - yes, blogspot readers - they have cowbell! And what's a House of Blues show without some blues rockin' the stage? Vintage performed their funky blues tune Chicagoan which seemed to lit up the stage amidst the intense sax overtones and rhythms. However there's one song SouthSide highly suggests blogspot readers should take a listen to. It's Vintage's psuedo cover of the gospel song Amazing Grace. Now, don't your religious panties in a bunch ...yes, they are taking certain liberties on this famous gospel song but take a listen to it. It's one of those rockin' dance songs to which they flipped it as love ballad about a love for a woman named Grace. Comparing this performance to their High Noon Saloon set a few months back, SouthSide would have to pick this one, blogspot readers. For more information about Vintage Blue, visit

Now at Elbo Room, SouthSide decided to check out this band from Nashville, TN as they rocked the main downstairs stage. The August had set the stage ablaze with their energizing guitar riffs of hot combination of country and rock and dynamic yet soulful female vocals of Jacky Dustin that immediately grabs your attention when she's belting a tour de force of emotions on the lyrics. Hot wasn't the word when SouthSide was observing a couple of songs by this band, blogspot readers, especially when The August performed You Make Me Want To Stay and Let's Make A Little Sunshine (the band's summertime single). There was a spitfire feel at times to which had SouthSide groovin' along with them. She hopes they return to Chicago for another rockin' time soon. For more information about this band, visit

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