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19 May 12

The Aggrolites 2

Banana, blogspot readers!

If you have kids in the age range of 2 to 5 years old, then you'll get the reference to a song that's now stuck inside SouthSide's head. On Saturday afternoon, she and her young daughter ventured deep into the heart of NATO protest "war zone" to cover a free kid's show at Record Breakers. This extra special in-store event featured the reggae/ska/soul band The Aggrolites (CA) performing their Yo Gabba Gabba hit, Banana (as well as others) before rockin' out an older crowd below.

The Aggrolites 3

The Aggrolites, taking time out to hang out with their much younger fanbase, rocked out Record Breakers in a mini semi-acoustic set just for the kiddies upstairs performing the Banana song (a Roy Ellis cover) within a rockin' reggae/ska/soul sound and music for everyone to enjoy. After munching on hot dogs and soda, the kids along with many of their parents sang this Yo Gabba Gabba tune while dancing to the island tempo beat. This reviewer liked this band's lively acoustic reggae sound and style featuring guitars (acoustic, banjo and bass) and a simple tom drum for that rhythmic beat even while in downtempo groove during this 30 minute performance. Though not performing from a ready-made set list for the kids, The Aggrolites did take requests to which they did other songs like Complicated Girl and Jimmy Jack for the adults in the audience as well as more kid songs - Work To Do (about climbing trees and being safe ...it's also cool counting song for the kids to learn about subtraction) and Free Time (which was featured in a film called Band Slam). The mini store performance concluded, blogspot readers, with a whimsical nursery rhymed song before having to say "goodbye" to their little fans.

The Aggrolites 4

For more information about The Aggrolites, visit http://www.aggroreggae.com.

SouthSide's friend Elle Quintana (who put this show as well as many others for Reggie's) is planning more shows like this one featuring other local artists/bands performing mini sets for the kids scheduled for near future.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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