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06 May 12

"Yeah, you guys are awesome ...we love you..." ~ Wildlife Control

Wildlife Ctrl 8

Hey, blogspot readers, nursing a "day after Cinco de Derby" hangover during this stormy Sunday On The Town adventure. This local party gal had the strength to rock another night inside Wicker Park's hip venue, Double Door to see her new friend Wildlife Control (NY-CA) performing on stage. She highly suggests checking out this local band who went on before Wildlife known as Brownie Mountain ( for the eclectic mesh of punk/experimental within their instrumental rock sound. This lively quartet of musicians rocked the stage with such vibrant energy and momentum to match while coupled inside intense guitar riffs and percussion rhythms. This combination popped the ears with plenty of rockin' music foung in epic-like pieces cleverly titled Tip of the Iceberg (a song about touching tits) and Country Pop Hits #1. What this reviewer enjoyed the most about Brownie Mountain was their whimsical yet catchy song titles like Well Butter My Butt And Call Me A Biscuit or Jorge Wants To Go Hardcore But His Mom Won't Let Him which had her wondering what the thought process was behind some of them. In the end, SouthSide still enjoyed the wild and crazy guitar intensity as heard in Brownie's closing song that featured a climatic finish almost sounding like an experimental version to Issac Hayes' ending to Shaft.

Wildlife Ctrl 6

This brotherly duo, though living on opposite ends of the US coast, rocked the Double Door stage with a taste of summer within a contemporary/alternative pop sound to lift up everyone's soggy Sunday evening. SouthSide highly suggests checking out her friend Wildlife Control for this duo's burst of that vibrant summertime feel and sound paired with dynamically heartfelt vocals and contemporary piano rhythms. This reviewer enjoyed the refreshing vibe wafting throughout the venue as well as energetic momentum that sounded like a four-piece band rather than two musicians on stage especially during the opening song. Rockin' the stage with songs off Wildlife's current album - Spin, this band energized the Sunday night audience with a strong display of falsettos amidst an upbeat tempo as heard in Analog or Digital, Disguise and the title track, Spin. Blogspot readers will like how the piano rhythms added a certain amount of intensity to the duo's music besides a melodic flow of contemporary pop sound especially when wonderfully paired with a retro rock-n-roll guitar riff (as heard in Analog or Digital). In this particular song, SouthSide liked the energy felt and heard throughout the rhythmic tempo which had some in the audience dancing to the excitable beat. Even when taking that same energy and tempo down a bit, Wildlife continued maintaining that melodic piano rhythm before gradually upping the tempo again for another round of danceable beat. And, ladies, if lucky, you might be chosen to join them on stage for a quick spin around the floor. SouthSide also suggests checking out Wildlife's heartfelt single, People Change that rocked out their Chicago appearance with a bang, blogspot readers. For more information about Wildlife Control, visit them at

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Until next time, support your local scene,

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