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07 May 12 - Music Conference Networking Reception

Hey, blogspot readers, it's all about making those important connections and creating long-lasting friendships while networking with others.

That was the central theme for those who attended tonight's Music Conference Networking Reception held at Wicker Park's hip rock venue, Double Door. Sponsored by Yellow Phone and Double Door, this free event hosted by David Silbough, Phil Kosch, Scott Zid, Nate Arling and Doug Johnson was the prelude to the Yellow Phone Music Conference happening in downtown Milwaukee, WI during the weekend of Sept 6 - 9, 2012. This four-day conference will feature a gathering of talented artists and music professionals engaging in panel discussions as well as mentor sessions with experienced leaders of the music industry. It's Yellow Phone's goal to bring together career-oriented artists and postive, forward-thinking leaders within today's music business within the best qualities of a large industry conference yet downsizing them into a concentrated experience. And that's what this event allowed many indie/local artists and bands represented to do ...mingle and network with others artists/bands, music management and even SouthSide for a few hours. Musicians like friends Damon Ranger (of Blackbox), Ryan Powers and Lisa (of Dot Dot Dot) as well as White Pine Wolverines Band and music fans like Rick were among many to meet other likeminded individuals to share their love for music and the thriving scene happening around Chicago. Perhaps, blogspot readers, we might see future collaborations between artists and/or bands that were represented tonight. For more information about the Yellow Phone Music Conference, visit

And speaking of music, this event also featured rare acoustic performances by singer/songwriters Garrett Burns, Mars Argo, Aly Jados and K. Serra featuring DJ sets by the female duo - Lewis & Clark who keep attendees in a dancing party mood between acts and throughout the event. Though missing first two acts of the night, SouthSide did arrive to hear her friend Aly Jados rock the stage with a powerfully dynamic performance of intense female vocals.

Aly Jados 3

Her heartfelt vocal tone truly touched the heart and soul, blogspot readers, especially during her opening song, City of Angels, where she vividly set the stage for an ear-popping sound of acoustic guitar rhythms and voice wonderfully matched together. Even while in a downtempo rhythm, Aly made the audience feel each heartfelt emotion within a fiery spirit sung off the lyrics to Secret Song but on the flipside, she kicked the soulful vocal tone up a notch or two to really hit the audience with some raw powress over the mic. With the acoustic tempo slightly matching her voice, you could still feel that fire dynamically popping the words to life especially when she said " make me feel...". Yes, this reviewer was definitely feeling what she was feeling. Performing other originals such as Helpless and It Is What It Is (both featuring more of Aly's raw yet soulfully dynamic voice), the true highlight of the night was her rendition of Alanis Morissette's You Oughta Know ...and all this reviewer can say after hearing her sing this cover - Damn, girl. Aly must have dredged up years of past relationships gone horribly bad to really knock the audience off their feet with such venomous vocal spite and angst ever to rock the mic. Between watching her facial expression and hearing her sing, you totally felt her frustration vividly expressed throughout each single word, blogspot readers. It was that intense. Aly will be performing again at Hard Rock Cafe on Monday May 14 as part of a special singer/songwriter night. Visit her at for more music and information.

Aly Jados 5

Before calling it night, SouthSide was able to check out a part of K. Serra's ( performance to which she performed a haunting yet melodic version of Jefferson Airplane's Somebody To Love. This reviewer enjoyed the organic essence feature through her percussion drumming amidst a soothing floetry of electronica music and her powerful vocals thus creating one intense spirit and energy from this rockin' combination. Hopefully SouthSide is able to review this artist for an upcoming On The Town review.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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