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05 May 12

Kazy 2

Feliz Cinco de Derby Day, blogspot readers! It's a calendar rarity to be sipping on delicious mint juleps while listening to the local mariachi band playing on the same day for this rockin' Saturday night adventure. Tonight, SouthSide's celebrating I'll Have Another's derby win (she bet on the wrong horse) and the Mexican holiday at Lakeview's hip locale for national and indie acts, Elbo Room with her krazy guitar rock band friend, Kazy. And believe this reviewer, this local band will rock you krazy Kazy-style!

Kazy 15

Kazy rocked the Elbo Room stage with a hardcore mesh of fierce guitar rock, lyrical hip hop verse (at times) with some screamo and more that features an electric violin used as the fourth guitar. They will get and keep you deeply immersed inside the intense Kazy rock madness from the first vibration of the electric chord until the very last has died. Don't expect, blogspot readers, for the band's sound to miss a beat in between. This type of "new" rock music and its blend of other genres is what currently thriving within Chicago's local scene and Kazy like Earthen Grave (another local band featuring violinist Rachel Barton Pine) has certainly tapped into this music market.

Kazy 5

After opening with a rockin' bang of a song, Hooks, SouthSide was instantly hooked onto Kazy's wild style of maddening guitar riffs, furious tempos (sometimes coupled with a "soft" or somber intro - don't be fooled by that), thunderous percussion rhythms and extreme vocals that can scream emotional anguish as well as spin fast lyrical verse (done by front man Rich). This awesome combination, blogspot readers, created one powerful intensifying rock experience for the audience tonight where they literally felt the energy and sound wafting throughout the basement lounge not just hearing it. There were moments during Kazy's set when you saw how intense their krazy maddness inside the music could get from the way each band member tore up the stage which left no inch of it untouched especially when performing songs like LFL and Blown.

Kazy 6

SouthSide highly suggests rockin' the ears to the following (in no particular order) like Choke for its combination of a "soft" lull before being smacked with the extreme intensity of music and vocals at the same time. Front man Rich made the ears bleed from his emotional anguish and pain while the band matched his vocal style note for note. Gamers should recognize this song title since it's featured in the popular video games Scarface and Zombie Strippers. Also she suggests feeling the pulsating heat of the hardcore guitar sound as well as heartfelt angst off the lyrics during Goodbye. Though the vocals were overshadowed by the loudness of the guitars, this reviewer still felt his vocal emotions via the intense sound wafting around the stage. And if you really want to see some intense moments while Kazy performs, blogspot readers, check out their live performance of the new song Violate. WOW - that's all SouthSide can say when hearing this song. She enjoyed the extreme lyrical hip hop vibe within the vocals which were matched with Rich's intense screamo at the chorus as well as the build up towards the bridge where Kazy hits you from all sides with their guitar rock. Yes, this latest song did more than violate the ears - it brutally assualted them within the extreme rock fusion to the delight of their audience before howling at the Super Moon with closer Wolf.

Kazy 8

SouthSide highly suggests rockin' your maddening love for krazy guitar rock with her friend Kazy at their next show. For more information, visit Kazy at

Until next time, support your local scene,

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