Tuesday, May 22, 2012

16 May 12

Hey, blogspot readers, ready to anime-nated?

Tonight at Reggie's Music Joint, it's a special pre-NATO rock show featuring the J-Pop/punk superheroes - Red, Yellow, Green, Pink and Silver of Peelander Z! They came to rescue Chicago fans from Mad Tiger and So Many Mike while rocking them with high engery of a fun punk/J-Pop/anime music combination. Yet with Peelander Z, it's more than just an ordinary rock show where you the audience simply watch them perform on stage. No, blogspot readers, you are part of the fun and action too. But before rockin' on planet Peelander Z, the crowd was treated to an epic performance of electronica/instrumental rock by Arc Impulse (http://www.arc-impulse.com). This local band powered their way with an exciting hour that featured renditions of video game themed songs from Zelda (2 and 3 included) Mario Cart as well as their own originals like Rainbow (a fantastical journey comprised of three songs rolled into one long epic masterpiece with some bars of Somewhere Over the Rainbow at the bridge). The electronic orchestra explosively filled the Music Joint with memorable gamer music, bursts of intense energy and momentum to the delight of the crowd especially when ending their show with a Rocky themed epic song.

They came from a distant planet in an uncharted galaxy far, far, far away called Peelander where everyone speaks Japanese, eats sushi and drinks saki, blogspot readers. And every so often, the colorful cast of anime-nated/punk musicians make perilous journey to Earth to whisk their Chicago (and elsewhere they roam) fans into the nether regions of the universe to experience a journey of music and fun. Peelander Z rocked out Reggie's Music Joint by incorporating the energy and sound of J-Pop with the intensity of punk rock and the action packed dazzle and fun of anime done live rolled into one hour of a performance. Yet, when you're having so much fun rockin' to songs So Many Mike, Mad Tiger and Lucha Libre (yes, it seems these "aliens" enjoy Mexican wrestling) like SouthSide was, it truly didn't feel such an amount of time had passed. Don't think just because the venue was a bit smaller that this band skimped on fun and excitement either. Peelander Z, though downscaling the rowdiness and action a little, still brought to their enthused fans everything that Peelander Z is known for. Whether it was participating in a group limbo line (how low can a group of adults go?) to jumping rope with Peelander band members and a Mad Squid ...or how about Mad Squid bowling and then baseball - there was something happening throughout this show. Believe SouthSide, all that and more happened inside this Southside venue, blogspot readers. There were moments of Red Z standing on the shoulders of a group of fans and then body surfing while playing his bass ...lucky fans rockin' stage on Peelander instruments and/or banging pans along with the band which truly intensified the crazy fun all around. Performing songs off their latest album, Space Vacation, Peelander Red, Yellow, Green, Pink and Silver also delighted their fanbase with favorites such as E-I-E-I-O, Learn Japanese and Ninja High Schooool (a retro rock-n-roll tune) as well as some new ones - Get Glasses, Space Vacation and Star Bowling. Still it wouldn't be a Peelander Z show without any mention of their favorite food to eat (besides sushi) like Taco Taco Tacos, Ice Cream! and S.T.E.A.K.(yes, there's a song about eating a medium-rare steak, blogspot readers!). Sadly, our journey had to come to an end but not before performing a goofy rendition of Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Want Have Fun to Boys Just Want Have Fun. SouthSide highly recommends rockin' to the anime-punk style while doing some human bowling with SouthSide's friend Peelander Z. Visit this J-Pop/punk band at http://www.peelander-z.com.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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