Friday, May 18, 2012

12 May 12 - Nocturna

Hey, blogspot readers, it's the bewitching hour and SouthSide's night has just begun! After rockin' part of with The Future Laureates at SubT in Wicker Park, it was now time to dance til dawn in the Wrigleyville/Lakeview area at Metro with the other fashionable vampires.

In its 23rd year, this monthly event hosted by friends William Faith and DJ Scary Lady Sarah (also of The Bellwether Syndicate) spun featured requests (by the Facebook Nocturna group members) from industrial, dubstep and emo to techno, metal and more. This local club scene is nothing like the club scene along River North area - no one's dressing impress another just yourself. Whether it may be a pirate to ALex DeLarge (a Clockwork Orange reference) or post-industrial or something you create yourself. It's nice watching the reactions from those hanging out at the bars on Clark Street while walking towards Metro on Saturday/Sunday morning. Dressing "weird" in black does tend to keep a few from bothering you, blogspot readers.

SouthSide knows they don't understand that everyday is Halloween. While at Nocturna, this reviewer did her usual people watching before hitting the dance floor - she loved the array of fashions strutting or dancing around Metro. This monthly "meetin" attracts people of all ages as well as racial backgrounds and beliefs's more like a "safe haven" where no judges on how you're dressing or dancing. And if you want to show off your best industrial or metal dance moves, Nocturna is the event to do it especially at this local venue. Plenty of dance floor to show your fancy footwork while rockin' to tunes like a remix of The Smiths' How Soon Is Now, New Order's Blue Monday or SouthSide's request Cyanotic's Alt_Machines.

Tonight's event had friend VVasher VVoman passing out some of her vegan chocolat s'mores - yummy and of course, Sarah's cauldron of sweets to keep dancers recharged with sugar between dance breaks. Yet besides the music, Nocturna also features local artisans from Lunasol Arts ( and also on Facebook) displaying their fine handcrafted Goth jewelry, neck pieces and more for sale. Lots of pretty things to accessorize your Dark Shadows like this year, blogspot readers.

SouthSide highly suggests spending a Saturday night with the local "vampires" of Nocturna at the next monthly meeting to dance until dawn.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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