Wednesday, June 29, 2011

24 Jun 11

It's Friday ...and it's time to rock the weekend, blogspot readers, with SouthSide! Tonight, this reviewer's rockin' Lakeview's hot spot for live local music - Elbo Room, to see and hear an eclectic mix of performances happening on the acoustic and main stages. Upstairs, she enjoyed the high energy acoustic set by local rocker, Kriz Toffer ( and his heartfelt yet emotionally charged vocal falsettos. Meanwhile, downstairs, she took in the final few songs by a lively high-strung yet very eclectic non-Russian poet band known as Velikovsky ( SouthSide enjoyed their cover from a Tom & Jerry cartoon, Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby done in an upbeat but downtempo jazz rhythm with the chorus in a fast paced punk style. Fans should also check out Velikovsky's take on "something's out there" theme found in the song, Aliens. However this reviewer suggests seeing it performed live because it includes (at mid-point of the song) some feats of magic tricks by Magician Kex Lang while explaining how our perception of what's real or not might fool us. SouthSide also recommends listening to Trail of Bread Crumbs (infused rhythmic pop/alternative with cool breeze of saxophone sound) and Song For a Deaf Man (in which the band hopes he can hear it).

SouthSide had a rockin' time hanging out with longtime friends, The Infamous Ashley St Ives, and their gritty hardcore punk/guitar rock sound tearing up the Elbo Room stage. Music like theirs burned like hot fiery hot coals as well as thundered at lightning speed throughout this set of high energy and fast pace guitar riffs that fueled this hot bloodied sensation in SouthSide's veins. Besides rockin' to the dazzling effects of the twitterpating sound, there also lead vocalist/drummer, John and his emotionally charged yet cool falsetto vocal style on lyrics amidst this steamy rock music. And that, blogspot readers, was merely the prelude of things to come with this band when Ashley opened their set. Performing other songs like Gemini (a classic rock sound with amplified energetic momentum blasting the ears) and The Stooge (bad to the bone thunderous guitar riffs with plenty of rollercoaster loops and twists), this band did take the tempo and energy down a notch (though retaining some of that fire) to spotlight the high emotions heard in John's voice before kicking up the rock sound in Makin' Machines. SouthSide highly suggests checking out these local rockers at their next show by visiting their page for more details.

Check out music that stems beyond the country/country rock realm, blogspot readers, vibrantly rocked the stage throughout Sound And Shape's performance. Hailing from Nashville (TN), this trio of rockers piqued SouthSide's music interest with their unique blend of 60s psychedelia vibe and a hint of Queens of the Stone Age guitar riffs intricately woven inside their songs. This combination totally caught her off guard by the melodic-driven rhythms that encompassed the flowing poetic, imagery-filled lyrics amidst the high falsetto vocals by guitarist Ryan. It's a rare combination to hear soft falsettos from a man while intertwining with a hardcore psychedelia rock sound ...and believe it or not, blogspot readers, it will have you instantly liking this unique mix. Despite having some distorted reverb from the monitors, SouthSide enjoyed hearing the high energetic tempo cleverly penned within Sound's eclectic sound even while in a downtempo speed to highlight how dynamic as well as intense his voice could get inside the moving lyrics of one particular song. Sound had definitely kept this late night audience entranced within its rock groove during the intro of another particular song that allowed every ounce of the twitterpating riffs and hot epic music soak the ears before adding the vocals. SouthSide highly recommends catching the free flowing harmony and melody combined by Sound And Shape's eclectic rock blend featuring John's soft yet dynamic falsettos that will keep you enthralled amongst the image-popping lyrics. Visit for more details and music.

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