Friday, June 17, 2011

14 Jun 11

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' the work week with another exclusive performance by Ricky Stein from Austin, TX. Last year, this reviewer met and reviewed this talened singer/songwriter while on his acoustic solo tour at Elbo Room. Tonight, this artist returned bringing a trio of musicians with him jamming on stage as The Warm Guns in support of their CD releas - Something in the Night. This performance featured a vibrant rock sound mix with blues to country/western as well as some lively Southern rock backing Ricky's dynamic vocal style. SouthSide highly recommends checking out this artist along with his new band while they're on tour.

Opening the set with a rockin' blast of energy, The Warm Guns had SouthSide enjoying the intense rock sound which also incoporated some organic percussions such as shakers, tambourine and harmonica ...each adding its own personal rhythmic touch to the band's rock momentum. Performing songs off Something in the Night CD, this reviewer liked the feel of The Warm Guns beat which will keep your ears vibin' to the upbeat music whether it had a country tone (All for a Song) or melodic within an electric downtempo sound (Bitter). This reviewer liked how Ricky totally immersed himself vocally into the lyrics of this particular song, Bitter, giving his voice the opportunity to display such raw emotional power especially when singing "...I give it up..." - so heartbreaking with the lapsteel/dobro sound playing in the background. If blogspot readers want to hear another fine example of this, SouthSide suggests listening to No Tomorrow (track 5 off the CD). Also heard during The Warm Guns' set was a lively country/rock tune that featured a hint of bluesy harmonic rhythms electric/alternative sound from new song World's Away and SouthSide's favorite, Ricky's traveling song - both songs mentioned painted vivid images from the lyrics. Meltdown (also another new song) showed a completely different side to Ricky in which he literally melted the Elbo Room stage with a dynamic display of emotionally charged vocals under a fierce fireball of electric momentum as The Warm Guns closed out their performance.

For more information about The Warm Guns and its tour schedule, visit or befriend them on Facebook.

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