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07 Jun 11 - CD Review

Danger Days, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys
My Chemical Romance

...shut up and let me see your jazz hands...

note: this review is dedicated to the "sad man" now "bad man", Korse...

It's set in a futuristic location where the inhabitants of Battery City, after surviving the catastrophic effects of a bio-chemical germ war, reside in a totaliterian life controlled by Better Living Industries. However, out in the desert wastelands, there's a group of anti-hero freedom fighters rebelling against the evil corporation and it's George Orwellan way of life enforced by Korse and his Draculoid (human) bots. And with the help of one special little girl, these "heroes" know it's not an easy battle that will be won but are determined to fight until Battery City is free. This is their story, blogspot readers.

SouthSide highly suggests snagging a copy of My Chemical Romance's latest CD - Danger Days, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, a total far cry from their dark, rebellious, angsty teenage emo days as heard in The Black Parade and Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. The guys are still rebellious and angsty (that will probably never change) however in this new album, each member has immersed himself into a comic book like anti-hero character known as Party Poison (Gerard), Jet Star (Ray), Kid Cobra (Mikey) and Fun Ghoul (Frank). The Killjoys fight a neverending battle against the evil unjustice of Better Living Industries (actually the band's poking fun at their own record company as well as the industry itself) and its head henchman named Korse. Though he's actually a misunderstood character (and has some direct link to Party Poison - the band will never confirm or deny SouthSide's theory ...yet), Korse is the best evil villain since Star War's Darth Vader and James Bond's Ernst Starvo Blofeld.

Danger Day's 15 track CD rocks an intricate tale of The Killjoys' "fabulous" life on the run as underground freedom fighters yet in SouthSide's opinion, the order of the tracks are slightly off. She suggests listening to track 4 - Sing (and for the love of GOD, stay FAR away from the Glee version unless you like an inspirational rock anthem turned into a dull pop song) because it's the prelude to the entire Killjoy backstory of why they're on the run from Better Living Industries and its totaliterian corporate rule. Tracks 1 and 2 - Look Alive Sunshine and Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) is the where the story picks up where Party Poison and the gang fight against Korse and the Draculoid (human) bots with a featured traffic report on Kid Cobra and Jet Star (track 7). Tracks 6 (The Only Hope For Me Is You) and 9 (Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back) is about the little girl who travels with The Killjoys in which SouthSide believes is the key to saving Battery City (and perhaps the world) from BLI's George Orwell's 1984 lifestyle (listen to track 10 - S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W to unlock this corporation's evil plot). The ending to Danger Days remains uncertain though this reviewer (as well as many other MCR fans) have suggested to the band about turning this story concept into a full length movie ...or at least a sequel album to really complete The Killjoys' story.

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  1. Hey Southside,

    They are still emo huh? Now they'll be comic book super heroes? This should be interesting.


  2. MCR has decided to step away from the "emo" side to join the anti-hero comic style rock these days ...who knows what they'll do in their next album


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