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22 Jun 11 - CD Review

Hey, blgospot readers, check out the following four recommended CDs recently sent to SouthSide's desk in this review!

This Time Next Year
Aaron Zimmer (NY)

SouthSide had the extreme pleasure of reviewing as well as interviewing this singer/songwriter last year when he rocked the Elbo Room stage with a vibrant acoustic performance. Aaron Zimmer is back, blogspot readers ...and this time he's rockin' his latest CD - This Time Next Year with vibrant high energy tempos featured within a pop/rock alternative sound as heard in Track 2, That Girl. SouthSide enjoyed how this artist could dynamically immerse his vocals into each song emitting some of the strongest feelings of frustration (track 3 - Broken Records) to heartfelt apologies (track 5 - Cab Fare) ever heard amongst his lyrics about relationships and the problem that sometimes occurs within them. SouthSide also liked the diverse music selection represented inside this 7-track CD - Aaron adds a little rock (track 4 - Honey, Give Me A Hand), a little country (Cab Fare) and a little R&B (track 7 - Conspiracy Theorist ...listen out for Aaron's lively horn section and cool flute rhtyhms). Tracks 1 and 7 (cleverly titled Elephant in the Room) feature a tiny sample of a completely different side to this artist as he briefly (and quickly) fills the ear with a touch of electro/pop. Perhaps it's a preview of more things to come by Aaron Zimmer ...perhaps this time next year?

Fun With a Purpose
The Injured Parties

This local band, reviewed during this year's International Pop Overthrow showcase, had SouthSide enjoying their observational views into the mundane, ordinary slices of human life. If you really want to hear how mundane and ordinary everyday people can be, this reviewer suggests snagging a copy of The Injured Parties' Fun With a Purpose CD. It contains 13 tracks of humor-filled lyrics about non-fantasical lives of us (they could be singing about you, your friends, family ...even SouthSide) from driving down the open road in a huge hummer and watching foreign news (in languages you don't understand) on the satellite tv (track 1 - American Comfort) to finding love at first deli sandwich at Zingerman's Deli (track 3) to a woman transcending (or transforming ...who really knows) while On Her Way To Becoming Something Else (track 10) and everything else in between. Injured even makes a dogwalker's daily routine sound so "exciting" in track 4 - Dogwalker. However she was shocked to hear mid-way through this CD two "romantic" observational views (track 5 - If You're Gonna Break My Heart and track 6 - What We Talk About When We Talk About Love) about relationships falling out of love before meeting a woman name Linda Florentino (track 7) at grocery store who's great at picking fruit. SouthSide also liked the "serious" side (though retaining some humor) in Injured's Been There Done That (track 2) - a realistic point of view within the gap between the "haves" and "have nots" plus listen out for pop culture references and Be My Jesus (track 11) - she doesn't know what inspired Injured to poke fun at this country's pseudo-religious values yet justify using it while at "war" but it's very good commentary, blogspot readers.

remixes 2 81 - 11
Depeche Mode (UK)

SouthSide is a LONGtime Depeche Mode fan ...she was there for their Master and Servant, Everything Counts, Stripped and Violator (album) days (which still gets plenty of airplay on the stereo because the test audience loves it too). She has admired how this English trio (DM was quartet featuring Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder before they left the group) pioneered and paved the way within their magical electrontic wizardry for many of today's electro/powerpop rock bands. In SouthSide's opinion, no other band has yet to top Depeche's melodic synth and guitar rock sound as well as match the emotionally-charged vocal style of Dave Gahan, blogspot readers. That being said, she was very excited to pick up Depeche Mode's newest CD - remixes 2 81 -11 recently which features 13 tracks (more if you snag the double disc CD) of re-arranged DM hits. Artists like Jacques Lu Cont, DJ Mattew "bushwhackal" B. and Eric Prydz have transformed over 30 years of classic as well as current favorites into extended dance/techno/electronica tracks. SouthSide's stereo (and iPod) has been blowing up nonstop listening to track 2 - Personal Jesus (the stargate remix), track 4 - John The Revelator (UNKLE.reconstruction) and track 8 - Never Let Me Down Again(eric prydz remix) others like Tora Tora Tora, Wrong and Dream On. She also highly suggests checking out the Depeche's Personal Jesus (the stargate remix) video currently on their Vevo channel.

Hands & Teeth Sampler
Chatty Cathy

Local (guy) rockers, recently performing at Kristenpalooza Birthday/BBQ party on the roof, impressed SouthSide with their uniquely eclectic blend of soulful R&B/Funk amidst a psychedelia vibe - totally cool for summertime listening too. Chatty Cathy instantly had this reviewer while listening to this 3-track sampler groovin' to the soothing soundwave and enjoying the vivid lyrical (almost poetic) imagery portrayed as heard in each song. She recommends listening to track 2 - When The Coats Push Back for its harmonizing vocals complimenting front man/guitarist Kortland's emotionally charged falsetto that popped the words to life under such a dynamic voice. The downtempo beat of this particular song was very melodic as well as rhythmically upbeat in which SouthSide suggests letting go while riding the cosmic soundwaves. She also enjoyed track 1 - Archer and track 3 - Hearsay. Chatty Cathy will be rockin' Quenchers on July 29 - it's a FREE 21+ show featuring Slow Witch, Canyons of Static and Mayor for Life.

Also, blogspot readers, SouthSide highly suggests checking out the following list of CDs featured in recent live show blog reviews:

Black Bridge's Lucky 7

Dogs of Fortune's 3 Old Tricks
See them live on July 15 at Viaduct Theater

The Warm Guns (from TX) and their newest CD - Something In The Night

Gag Order's self titled 5-track CD

Plus search on YouTube for SouthSide's friends, Pinto and The Bean, to watch their latest video entitled - Robot Wars. Visit this local duo at

And lastly, good friend, Sid Yiddish after his stellar appearance on America's Got Talent television show, has a link he wants to share with you, blogspot readers. Click on and download once his 3 tracks on it:
Mykel Board Weasel Squeezer (W/$2 Cockroach)
Flow!Er!Pow!Er! (W/Vitawrapmand-from Denmark)
Solo For Throat And Spitstream (W/Rich Xperience on flute)


Until next time, support your local scene,

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