Tuesday, June 21, 2011

18 Jun 11

...don't get drunk ...there's reviewer here...

Come join SouthSide on the roof, blogspot readers, to attend this one of a kind On The Town reviews ever! And she literally means rockin' on actual rooftop! After having some fun at Peace Fest 2011, she headed to Wicker Park for more fun, good company and of course - music at Kristenpalooza 2011. This birthday/bbq party was hosted at the apartment of Andy in which he has a rooftop access where bands and partygoers could rock out until the early evening hours. Don't worry, no one fell off the roof ...not with a great Chicago skyline view of downtown amidst the perfect summertime weather. Kristenpalooza featured a unique lineup of music with special performances by Chatty Cathy (http://www.chattycathy.bandcamp.com) - they will be rockin' Quenchers on July 29, Foreign Powder (http://www.facebook.com/foreignpowder) - they will be rockin' Elbo Room on July 7 and SouthSide will have a full review on that band, and her new friends, Gag Order headlining.

Though they feel it wasn't one of their best "professional" shows, their house party appearance rocked and it was good enough to get SouthSide introduced to the rockin' electro/punk sounds of Gag Order. And she highly suggests getting to know this band and its high energy amidst melodic tempo with vocalist Elaine pumping a unique yet dynamic voice combination on lyrics. At first it might seem her vocal style wouldn't fit within Gag's dirty rock music or electro vibe but watch out, blogspot readers, that soft voice will pack one powerful punch when the song or moment calls for it. This reviewer had fun movin' to the vibrant electro rhythms (off the synths) and gritty feel of the guitars which kept this rooftop crowd excited for more. While performing Late Night Train Ride, an actual CTA train going towards O'Hare rolled by and right on cue as the band was ending the song. SouthSide suggests checking out Glass Wall and Band R.I.P. off the self-titled CD but she's looking forward in reviewing one of Gag's "professional" shows in the near future. For more information about Gag Order, visit http://www.gagordertheband.com.

Oh one small note about the quote - this reviewer was told a story about how Elaine told her drummer, Andy (and host of the apartment party), not to get drunk before their show because "a reviewer was coming". Now she understands why he was eating noodles before they went on "stage".

Until next time, support your local scene,

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