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09 Jun 11 - CD Review

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide has more CDs exclusively previewed for your summertime music enjoyment (and there's more arriving to her desk!). She highly recommends checking out each band/artist mentioned in this review.

Avant Gold & RYAT "avant gold" Remixed

The band - modern day, multi-talented, multi-performing instrumentalists.
The music - from the distant generational future to be heard and enjoyed now.

Basically this how SouthSide can sum up RYAT (pronounced "riot") and it's music after thoroughly listening to the vibrant ambient sound within an ultra-progressive/electronica (sometimes organically techno) music. Both CDs definitely as well as wonderfully demonstrates what music migh be hundreds of years from this date however seeing this rockin' duo live to actually feel, hear and soak in RYAT's fantasical energetic sound is recommended too. These artists, Christina and Tim, create a sound that's truly eclectic and unique but so fresh that it would be very difficult to copy what they do while performing a live set. Off "Avant Gold" Remixed, SouthSide recommends checking out her favorite song, track 3 - Time Worn (A.D. Six remix) in which there's a flowing vibe of meditatively ambient sound amidst Christina's mantra chant-like vocals. The CD also features remixed versions of Bells (Mikronesia), Not For This Lifetime (DJ Statik) and The Gaze (Pretzl coat) which give these mentioned as well as the others more depth and energy into RYAT's originals. Off Avant Gold, this reviewer had a hard time choosing since each song deserves a wothy mentions but suggests listening to track 3 - The Fish That Lived Out of Water (for its child-like fantasy sound), track 6 - We Walk Slow But As Fast As They Rush (lyrics inspired by Walt Whitman's poem - I Sing The Body Electric), and track 9 -Equipoise (a lullaby of gentle sounds yet very sad in the lyrical sense).

With Nothing Left
Nate Z

This one-man band/singer-songwriter and one of SouthSide's many longtime friends rocks the local scene with such fierce intensity not only from his emotionally charged vocals but from his guitar playing (usally on electric with an amplified bass sound). However on this 15-track CD, it's a rockin' combination of electric guitar combined with other instruments (i.e. harmonica) to amplify the already intense music this local artist, Nate Z, is known for. SouthSide suggests listening to Nate's ballad, My Queen (track 3) for its gentle calmness heard within the riffs off the acoustic guitar in which he soaks the lyrics with plenty of fiery emotions ...On The Train to Chicago (track 4) liking the live version better, this reviewer recommends checking out this song for that Blues tone in the music, ...and Love Me Hate Me (track 7) though needing more vocal angst/frustrations in the lyrics, this song also deserves a mention because you can feel such anger off the words. The rest of the CD is okay yet SouthSide could some of Nate's song (for example, track 11 - Down The Drain) having an extra guitar (or other instruments) to perk up the vibrant acoustic energy and highlight his fiery vocals.

It Takes A Major Label To Hold Us Back

Before becoming very active in their work keeping the local indie art and music scene alive and "safe" from the evil clutches of the pending passage of Chicago's Promoters Ordinance, this rockin' duo, Gary and Toby aka Sir Real and MOFO, kept the sounds of funk alive with such hit songs like Bump That Ass, Bust A Nut and Seven Second Delay off their There's One Born Every Minute album. Now, JaGoFF is back, blogspot readers, in full force stronger and funkier than ever with this 17-track CD which means more funky, sexually deviant and suggested theme songs to get your dirty funk groove on. Paying homage to the original Funk Masters (i.e. Bootsie Collins, Bernie Worrell, George Clinton, et al), this duo's lively funk-tastic sound will have you hot and sweaty (among other things which SouthSide cannot mention here) from dancing too hard (more like funkin' down) to their songs like BDSM, Never Met A Girl Like You and Get Your Ass Up. However with the central them being about the major record labels and the industry itself which tries to keep the indie scene down, JaGoFF does make fun of them with the title track (funk meets digital-pop within this anthem), track 5 - The Record Industry in which the guys ask random people for their thoughts about the record industry mixed with a funky groove sound and of course, track 7 - DIY or DIE which most of us are these days within the indie scene are DIY-ers. Also recommended listening is track 14 - American Idle that pokes fun at our obsession of the reality music competition television show.

V Is For Villains

The duo known as Digital Mindy, after having "grown up" to adulthood, recently went through villainized makeover and added two more members to their "criminal" anti-hero fold, Ava Vice and Foster Von Trox. Now as V Is For Villains, this quartet rocks their 4-track demo with an adult sound that's very different from the Digital Mindy teenage angst days. It features a vibrant hardcore/industrial-steampunk/techno digitalized sound (without a drummer) and more vocal assistance (by Ava Vice) adding some feminine spice to Mr Agitator's emotionally charged vocal tone especially during track 2 - Everybody Hates Me and track 4 - Evolve or Die. Though just a mere sample, expect a full review from Villains' first live show from Bottom Lounge happening this Saturday, June 11. If going, it's highly recommended that you come dressed (as your villain character) to party along with the band.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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