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29 May 10

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Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' the beat on a Saturday night with Sonic Pistol! And you should too!

This local band rocked ...thrilled its audience with awesome head-banging music that fuels the metal monster in you. There was plenty of explosive guitar sound in which SouthSide literally felt vibin' from the monitors. Even the twittering riffs will dazzle the ears and get fans moving to the rhythms especially during Mister Hand (a song NOT about masturbation). Yet surprisingly it wasn't all metal rock by Sonic Pistol, blogspot reader. They shocked this reviewer with an alternative/rock song titled Disappear during their opening set. It was quite interesting to see as well as hear a metal band tackle a song/genre way out of their "normal" element. Believe it or not - this absolutely worked for Sonic Pistol. The guitars within this song took the momentum and tempo down allowing Kurt (Sonic's charismatic front man on vocals) to shine. Redline was also another fine example of how versatile this band's music can be. When listening to this song, think 80s hair rock than metal. With music like this, SouthSide found something noticeably lacking - the audience. In her opinion, it seemed they weren't truly feeling the excitement and/or the rockin' instrumental bridges heavily laced with fire and energy that Sonic was pumping into the basement lounge. They have everything a potential rising band needs to be seen in the local scene but not the one thing it needs the most. They need to find a way to get their fans more involved as well as grab the attention of first-time listeners.

Besides having a cool rockin' sound, Sonic Pistol has one more thing in which SouthSide liked about them. She enjoyed the featured attraction of Kurt and his raspy vocals full of angst (and sometimes screamo). He was a pleasure to watch as he poured his emotions ...his heart over the mike thus making the audience feel what he was feeling off the lyrics. Yet watch very closely and sometimes you don't really need to hear the lyrics during certain songs because his body language does the singing for him and the band. This reviewer found it easy to "read" what the song was about by observing his facial expressions and/or the way he would "act" on stage. For example, she enjoyed the live version of Load in which Kurt truly poured out the emotions and charm fans. His "acting" brought the words to life thus turning the song into a dramatic piece rather than an ordinary rock song. Or listen to Sonic's new song, 9 Miles To Empty, where SouthSide clearly heard the angst in his voice while singing "...walk this mile with me..." He was really letting us have it on this song ...giving his all that he melted the microphone from the outpour of hot emotions. Disappear was another fine example in which you almost feel (and hear) him crying during this ballad.

Overall, blogspot readers, it was a rockin' bang of a performance by Sonic Pistol. Though needing more to stimulate their audience (instead of at the end of each song), this band certainly knows how to put on a rock show - it has the versatile style and music and the front man who pours out his heart as well as the charm. SouthSide highly suggests checking out this band at their next show. For more information, visit www.myspace.com/sonicpistol.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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