Tuesday, June 1, 2010

26 May 10

...what the flood, man...

Hey, blogspot readers, happy hump day!

SouthSide's around town on a Wednesday night hanging with her good friends, Seratonin Telegram. They recently rocked the Elbo Room stage with one hot performance full of energy in its music and deep vocal emotion on the lyrics. This was one Seratonin set in which Chris (front man on vocals and guitar) truly poured out the fiery chops into each song. Whew, SouthSide had never heard him work the mike like that before and she hopes he continues this trend at their future performances. Such vocal style certainly stirred up the bursts of momentum and vibe felt within Seratonin's eclectic rock sound especially during opening song, No One Gets Ahead.

Fans will enjoy how this local band experiments with different rock sound and music genres ...sometimes combining certain genres at the same time with their music influences. There will be moments when Seratonin tickles the ear with a bluesy/jazz tone or get your head banging to its psychedelic wave. For example, check out their song - When The Flood Comes For You Pt 1. Listen closely to the somber guitar opening this song and you might get the distinct feeling of a pending rainstorm of sadness and sorrow is headed your way. Then, listen to the lyrics - will feel the same emotion despite the energetic bursts (lightning and thunder) during the chorus. By the time you reach the instrumental bridge, there's an explosive boom of heavy "rain" off the guitars as well as hearing the "rain" of angst/frustration from Chris on lyrics. The image alone, blogspot readers, doesn't really describe what SouthSide's favorite song sounded like live on stage. Also check out Villian With A Thousand Teethh for its Sugar Loaf's Green-Eyed Lady riff heard throughout this song but with a Seratonin twist or Checks & Balances for its Pink Floyd influences heard off the electric guitar. The highlight of Seratonin's performance came when the band performed 68c. The eclectic clash of music led up to the pseudo-rock/blues/alternative/emo sound which also fired up the angst (off Chris on lyrics) for this song. SouthSide felt every ounce of the pounding beat flowing in her veins that literally had her feeling sorry for the person whom pissed Chris off.

This reviewer highly recommends checking out the eclectic rock fusion of Seratonin Telegram - expect to hear plenty of vibrant music as well as unconventional genre combinations. For more information, visit www.seratonintelegram.com or www.myspace.com/seratonintelegram.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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