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18 Jun 10

Hey, blogspot readers, let's get ready to rumble!

You have front row access to WGN's Breakthrough Battle of the Bands at the fabulous Elbo Room Lounge! This was a two-round knockout "fight" between pop/alternative Aubyn Beth and 80s pop/rock Workout Music. Both - very strong contenders in the local scene however there can only be one crowned as winner.

Whom did the fans and judges pick? The final decision will appear at the end of this review.


Round 1

Aubyn Beth ( exploded onto the Elbo Room with a BANG however the vocalist did not. While this band had a vibrant rockin' sound, her voice seemed to be too soft and didn't match the music quite well. It could have used more umph to make it pop as Aubyn's sound did.

Workout Music (, as seen previously at Elbo Room and other venues around town, came ready to make everyone sweat while rockin' to their 80s inspired pop rock music. And this reviewer literally means the word "sweat" when it comes to this local band. There was plenty of energy heard (and felt) from Workout's songs that it created wild fan momentum (watch out for flying confetti and glow rings) during this round.

SouthSide's Analysis:
This round definitely went to Workout Music not only because they came out strong but fast with a one-two punch of rockin' music for this audience. Aubyn Beth had a good beginning however SouthSide wasn't really feeling that pop/alternative rock sound. It didn't have much juice to get her interested.


Round 2

Aubyn was ready this time and didn't hold back any "punches" in this round. SouthSide noticed the band seemed more relaxed and comfortable on stage as well as in front of the camera taping the competition. However, Aubyn still didn't have that spark of energy to include the crowd into their music. It wasn't finally felt until their last song, Get Out, in which the female vocalist had umph in her vocals that this reviewer expected in the first round. Now she was poppin' and sizzilin' along with the band while projecting a bit of emotion into the lyrics.

Workout continued the party without missing a beat, blogspot readers. Performing songs like Work It Out and Save You Not, this band kept their fans singing and dancing along with them as well as hogging camera time. Despite missing the trademark bubbles, this reviewer enjoyed the paper substitute which fueled more bubbly fan momentum. Workout even took SouthSide's previous suggestion to heart and added more cowbell to their songs (yes, she's a cowbell fanatic ...thank Blue Oyster Cult and Christopher Walken for that). Whew, it was certainly one sweaty workout for fans ...and the best one SouthSide has reviewed so far.

SouthSide's Analysis:
It was a strong showing from Aubyn Beth however it wasn't enough to clinch. Workout Music nailed this one without having to put much effort into their second round set. Had Aubyn's vocalist popped with a more energetic song in the first round, then there would be a need for a definite tie-breaker to decide on a winner.

Congrats to Workout Music for becoming WGN's Breakthrough Battle winner. They closed out the competition with Don't Stop and the ever popular fan fave Ain't My Jeans.

Blogspot readers can watch footage and highlights of this battle at

Until next time, support your local scene,

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