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02 Jun 10 just got blasted... ~ The Action Blast

Hey, blogspot readers, there's excitement in the air tonight! Chicago's drenched in Blackhawk (hockey) fever since they're going for the (Stanley) Cup! Go Hawks!

SouthSide's rockin' the beat at the Cubby Bear (Wrigleyville) for the Jamboree Battle of the Bands. This competition pitted four local bands for the final slot in Q101's Jamboree 2010 happening Saturday. Fans rocked the ballot box by voting between Seven Day Sonnet, A Hero Named Hope, The Action Blast and David Costa. The winner will be revealed at the end of this review.

As a favor to the band, Oscar (of Kazy) stepped in as guitarist for tonight's A Hero Named Hope performance. This local band exploded onto the Cubby Bear stage with a BANG of vibrant energy and sound. However, SouthSide had a difficult time enjoying this opening set. She couldn't hear any of the vocals above the rockin' music which at times sounded as if they were straining their voices to be heard on the mikes. The only time she was able to hear was when the music took a backseat for a moment after the instrumental bridge. Though AHNH's sound was on fire, SouthSide was left somewhat confused. There was a mesh of multi-genres represented (from pop to metal/screamo) that it was hard to distinguish what this band wanted to be. Even during one song in which the screamo/lyrical was off thus messing up the drum timing. Despite being a short performance tonight, SouthSide (along with the test audience) will be reviewing a full AHNH performance when they rock the Metro stage on June 25th for MOB Fest. For more information, visit

This next band had plenty of action that was blast to review, blogspot readers. The Action Blast rocked the Cubby Bear crowd with head-banging music fueling the metal monster inside everyone. SouthSide enjoyed the energy flowing from their sound as well as a touch of screamo at certain moments for vocal emphasis. TAB definitely had this audience feeling what was being rocked on stage via the lyrics and music throughout this set. Even taking the momentum down a notch, this reviewer stayed within their energetic head-banging groove ...and it kept her hungry for more. SouthSide also liked the charismatic charm of TAB's front man workin' the stage hard while pouring out the emotions during each song. This reviewer suggests checking out Only Seconds off their current CD which blasted her away with its guitar sound. Despite this being a short set, she's looking forward to a fuller performance to review next time. For more information, visit

This next band not only combined rap/hiphop with rock but also religious and political themes. David Costa's performance was quite interesting for this reviewer even though she's not a fan of rap/hiphop. This band exploded onto the stage but the music was overpowering that it drowned out the two lyrical MCess. They were certainly spreading the "message" however there were moments when the the religious tone oversaturated the rockin' music. And by the time David Costa reached the middle of the set, most of the crowd wasn't really feeling what they were vibin'. It wasn't the religious experience SouthSide was expecting as stated by Local 101 host. She did enjoy the political themed song about the current state of the economy in which a dollar isn't worth much. She also recommends listening to the title track of their upcoming album, Starving Artist (due out later this summer). Despite liking the fusion rockin' the venue, SouthSide found David Costa a bit too preachy ...true they had mad skills on the mike but it would be better if they also sang some of their lyrics. For more information, visit

...we're Seven Day Sonnet ...and we're here to end you f-in night right...

It's been a long time since this reviewer last rocked with Seven Day Sonnet. And after seeing their (short) Cubby Bear performance, all she could say was - WOW! This band rocked out the Q101 Jamboree competition with a solid BANG of hardcore guitar sound. Benji and the guys lit up the venue by opening their set in a powerful stance of screamo and loud guitar riffs. Fans enjoyed the hard-hitting rhythms being pumped from the stage that SouthSide felt what vibin' from the music. The guitars thundered and roared while Benji poured out the emotional angst over the mike thus sparking that momentum to the fans. Yes, blogspot readers, Seven Day ended the night with explosive energy and passion especially during fan favorite Jamie. SouthSide suggests listening to The Butcher off their current CD. This song rocked their arses off pounding the guitar riffs into each chord which had heads banging to the beat. Yet this was merely a taste of what this band was capable of while performing on stage. SouthSide highly recommends checking out a full Seven Day Sonnet show whenever they're rockin' the stage again. Be prepared to be energized by the guitars and Benji's vocals. For more information, visit

Winner of this competition was David Costa which totally surprised SouthSide as well as everyone else there. She feels it was really between The Action Blast and Seven Day Sonnet. And you can quote her on that.

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