Thursday, June 24, 2010

12 Jun 10

Hey, blogspot readers, history was made Saturday night at the Metro! And SouthSide was there to witness it! Local rockers Echo Son and Lucid Ground made their debut performances as opener and headliner respectively. Prominent members of the music scene (i.e. Arma, 72 Hours, Chester, etc.) were also there to share in this momentous event with them. However, first Katz Company and Otter Petter opened the lineup rockin' the stage with their sets.

SouthSide enjoyed the fun energetic summertime music that Katz Company ( and Otter Petter ( or brought to the stage. Both bands presented their audiences music of a lively pop/rock sound yet Otter Petter was more on a rock/alternative level than pop. This reviewer liked the vibrant groove and danceable rhythms in their songs such as Don't Delay by Katz and Rest of the World by Otter. She highly suggests checking out both bands this summer in which you can find Otter Petter rockin' the stage on July 24 at Six Flags Great America (in Gurnee, IL).

The moment had finally arrived for Echo Son ...excitement was riding high for this band. Yet they rocked the Metro like seasoned pros. Echo's debut performance had lots of energy ...some screamo (mainly for vocal emphasis on the lyrics) and a nonstop vibe in which kept this audience rockin' along with the band. In SouthSide's opinion, it was one of their better shows she has reviewed. They truly released their inner rock demons throughout this set especially during Black For Gold (dedicated to BP - SouthSide will let that BP reference slide ...for now). Besides performing other songs such as TSR (Tramp Stamp Runaway) and Chi-Town Girls, Echo debut a couple of new songs, Call Me and Hear Me Now, for tonight's show. Ladies, watch out for the smooth vocals (by front man Brynn) on this that seduces the listener deeper into their sound. This was the moment where the subtle sexiness and body language (only for this reviewer) reigned supreme even while pumping some vocal angst over the microphone. SouthSide also liked Hear Me Now for its wicked guitar riff intro before taking a downtempo pace to allow the vocals to shine. Though there was fire and passion felt in this song, she didn't like that music completely overshadowed the vocals during the chorus. Still it was an awesome song ...and expects to hear of these two in future shows. SouthSide highly suggests checking out Echo Son when they rock stage at North Beach. For more information, visit or

Coming off a fantastic video premiere last month, Lucid Ground was set, pumped and ready to rock out the Metro lineup. Featuring songs like Shaken Crown (check out their video for this song), Salvation and Further Down, these rising rockers gave it all in front an audience of family, friends and fans. What SouthSide liked about this band (besides its retro rock tone) was the way Karl (Lucid's front man) pumped his emotions into the band's lyrics. Even while the music took a downtempo pace, his voice shined emulating heartfelt tenderness as well as projecting some hardcore angst ...sometimes at the same time. And the music, blogspot readers, perfectly compliments his vocal style. Though sporting a three guitar rock sound within this band's set up, one would expect something more edgier and hardcore. Yet, Lucid keeps their music at a mid-range between the rock/alternative level but who knows perhaps they will surprise fans with something harder like a metal album. SouthSide highly suggests checking out this rising rock band making lots of noise within the local scene. For more information, visit or

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