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06 Jun 10

...let's do this sh*t, motherfudgers... ~ Illusions Fate

Hey, blogspot readers, this is Vyolet and Sunday ...and we're seizing control of this On The Town review! Our busy mom, SouthSide, recently took us to an all-ages show held at Reggie's Rock Club. The lineup featured punk/metal/screamo performances by Vera Cruz (Paris, France), Atomize and Illusions Fate with Amorallous opening.

The local band from Pilsen neighborhood called Amorallous didn't impress either us with its screamo/metal set as tonight's opener. SouthSide noted saying "...the front man and his vocals were too soft spoken enthusiasm in getting the audience excited for their music ...sounds nervous to be rockin' the Reggie's stage..." We the test audience agree with her assessment of this performance. Sunday and I found this band to be very boring while they performed on stage they sounded like any other emo/alternative group. There was nothing unique or interesting about them. The music was bland however the screamo guy was the only thing likeable about Amorallous (as well as the only person we could actually hear over the music). Sunday says "...they weren't cool..." - wow, that's coming an eight year old too. I say "...even the hip emo kids didn't want to mosh to their music..." plus "...I finished a new song with chorus ...that's how bored I was..." Sad to say, blogspot readers, Amorallous didn't pass our inspection. For more information, visit or

Atomize had the hair swirling and rockin' momentum for plenty of head-banging action during their performance. We, the test audience, felt every hardcore riff from the energetic music unlike the band before them. This band rocked with a loud nonstop BANG ...the front man put a lot of himself into Atomize's sound which generated excitement for us during this kid-friendly show. During songs, Get The F*ck Down and Get The F*ck Out, Sunday and I watched the wild moshing happening below us while the band thrilled the audience with its thundering guitar sound. During Lifeless Entity (featured on their myspace site), this song had us rockin' to unexpected changes luring everyone deeper into the extreme metal rhythms. Sunday had a fun time and says "...the band was amazing..." I (Vyolet) say "...they were pretty awesome ...kept my heart pumping like crazy and I liked the energy of the band..." SouthSide agrees what we say about Atomize and highly recommends checking them out whenever they're rockin' the stage again. For more information, visit

Oo la la, the French have invaded Chicago, blogspot readers! Vera Cruz exploded onto the stage with bursts of energy and music that instantly fired up the venue. This trio were wild and crazy ...and we, Sunday and I, like wild and crazy. We also liked the nonstop rock momentum which had our heads banging to Vera's metal/screamo sound. We were totally loving the rockin' vibe from the angst heard in the front man's vocals to the moshing with the audience near the end of their set. C'est magnifique, according to SouthSide. I agree saying "...J'adore Vera Cruz ...not enough words to describe the uberastic band rockin' the stage ...they remind me of [another similar band] System Of A Down due to their political/emo tone in of Vera's songs..." This test audience totally recommends checking out this band whenever they're rockin' the stage while on tour. For more information, visit

...possession is 9/10 of my cock...

Finally, Mom (SouthSide) had a chance to cover a full review on Illusions Fate as they celebrated the CD release of The Ghost of Maya. According to her, she liked the vibrant metal/screamo tone of this band's music that came with thundering guitar riffs in each song. Joel (front man on guitar/vocals) impressed her with his emotional angst poured into the lyrics to get that hardcore screamo effect heard at the right moment for vocal emphasis (for example, The Dying Anthem). Yet when the tempo and sound was taken down a notch, his natural vocal range shined with some heartfelt tenderness yet still retaining his deep throaty screamo. Also she says take notice of Illusions' metal sound which may seem a bit laidback ...not usually typical for this type of band. However for this band, metal fans will be able to hear the fire and energy within their songs. She suggests listening to Lost In Space (for its psychedelic/alternative rock sound) ...Stain (for the wicked guitar intro and solo at the instrumental) ...and The Dying Anthem(SouthSide's favorite song). Now our turn about Illusions Fate - Sunday only had one word to say about them "...AWESOME..." meanwhile I say "...the highlight of my night ...had me dancing so hard that my neck aches from head-banging to their music ...better than most of the mainstream music I'm so accustomed to..." Also I would like to add "...Dying Anthem was a rockin' hardcore beat ...enjoyed the dark-tastic lyrics ...expect lots of phenomenal energy and 'in your face' fun from a Illusions show..." Yes, blogspot readers, they definitely passed our inspection and come highly recommended. For more information visit

Okay, Mom can have her blog again ...we, the test audience, shall return soon with another On The Town review by us.

Until next time, support the local scene,

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