Thursday, November 5, 2009

4 Nov 09

"...i'm the social white rapper..." - Makeshift Prodigy
Hey, blogspot readers, are you ready for the revolution? A revolution involving music and sound that takes you on a spiritual journey of inspiration? SouthSide was ready ...along with many others who packed the River North club, Angels & Kings, recently. Makeshift Prodigy performed a rather intimate set during a Q101 - One Man(no) Show. Hosted by Ryan Manno, it's a free local music showcase held every Wednesday night. Visit the Angels & Kings website at for more information and when the next Manno show is happening.
How does one describe inspirational music for the soul? Good question ...SouthSide's still trying to find the right words. It's hard to exactly pinpoint Makeshift's sound because it incorporates a unique mix of genres from electro to pop and hiphop as well as rock. Think of it as a cultural melting pot of peace, love and harmony for the new millennium. During this performance, Makeshift added a touch of disco to its repertoire for their fans in a new song, Sentimental. This song had a funky rhythm in which had everyone dancing. Never had this reviewer seen a venue come to life to the sound of music like this band's. So sorry, blogspot readers, but SouthSide cannot honestly capture the mood or the melodious vibe felt without screwing it up with the wrong words. Her only solution - see Makeshift Prodigy live ...up close and personal is better.
Makeshift Prodigy took everyone on a revolutionary journey via sight, sound and music. It was an incredible ride this reviewer will never forget. In all honesty, after seeing this band numerous times, she has to say this was one of their best shows ever reviewed. SouthSide had fun enjoying this performance not as a reviewer but as a avid admirer of Makeshift's music. Though she told the band there wouldn't be a review, she was inspired by the music to write what she felt and saw. Sounds highly incredible ...that's how this band grabs you.
For example, listen to their new song, Alive. Feel the subtleness of a tempo taken down a notch but also hear the vibrant sound which kept a profound hold and excitement amongst Makeshift's diehard fans. From start to finish, everyone in the venue was totally alive ...feeling the vibe penetrating not only their ears but their hearts and souls. How could anyone not feel so alive after hearing this song?
And that, my blogspot readers, was the very tip of the iceberg of Makeshift's set. The journey keeps getting better each time SouthSide sees them on stage. Who knows what this local band will do at their next performance? And if you want to know the answer and experience this for yourself? Then head to the Enclave on November 13th for your own mindblowing trip ...witness the music revolution up close and personal.
For more information about Makeshift Prodigy, visit or Also become a fan on Facebook at
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